Poetry Thrives Online: Check Out Free Poetry Sites for National Poetry Month (April)

Poet T. S. Eliot may have called April "the cruelest month," but for today's poets, it's National Poetry Month in the US. Bookstores seem to be doing well in this economic crisis, and poetry thrives online. So readers should be able to find all of the poetry they want--and they can, for free, online, including free poetry e-books, like Michael Dickel's The World Behind It, Chaos. - March 31, 2009

The World Behind It, Chaos… Soon to be Released by WV Ebook Press, Available for Review

Michael Dickel, poet, photographer, and digital artist, announces the release of his much-anticipated poetry & visual art collection from WV eBook Press. Dickel's prize-winning work has appeared in literary journals, art books, & anthologies for over 20 years. This debut book magnificently explores chaos & mystery. - February 06, 2009

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