Giganews Implements Expanded Support for 256 Bit SSL Encryption

Giganews SSL encryption is now supported on port 443. - January 13, 2007

Giganews Releases Embedded Social Bookmarking, RSS, and Atom Support

Giganews has implemented support for embedded social bookmarking, RSS, and Atom feeds. These measures will allow Giganews customers to receive news and announcements directly in their preferred newsfeed reader. - October 19, 2006

Giganews Unveils Official Blog

In order to enhance customer communication, Giganews has established an official blog. Updates will be posted regularly and will include company news as well as commentary on the web at large. - October 10, 2006

Binary Newsgroup Retention Growing to 90 Days at Giganews

For the fifth time this year, Giganews has increased its storage capacity and now supports 90 days of binary file retention. - September 22, 2006

Usenet Referral Program Expanded at Giganews

Giganews has revised its referral program for customers. Giganews customers will now receive an additional $5 credit towards their accounts when referring new users. - August 25, 2006

Newsgroup Service Provider Giganews Unveils Multi-lingual Website

The Giganews homepage has been translated into multiple languages to better serve their international customers. - June 21, 2006

Retention Expands to 1000+ Days for Text, ~70 Days for Binaries at Giganews

Giganews NNTP text retention has reached 1000 days. Binary article retention stands at ~70 days. - April 12, 2006

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