Homeowners Not Aware They Cannot Remain with Their Existing Homeowners Insurer if Home Becomes Vacant

According to recent VacantHomeInsuranceNow.com study, data suggests that major homeowner insurers are not communicating with customers when policies need to be terminated due to vacancy. - September 26, 2009

House Sitting is Causing Confusion About Homeowners Insurance Coverage

Vacant Home Insurance Now has observed an overwhelming misunderstanding about homeowners insurance coverage as it pertains to house sitting. - September 15, 2009

Aging Population Causing Thousands of Vacant Home Insurance Claims

An increase in the elderly population worldwide is leading to an increase in vacant home insurance claims due to death or transfer to a nursing home leaving the primary residence unoccupied and uninsurable. - April 26, 2009

95% of Expatriates Don't Understand the Vacancy Provisions in Their Homeowners Policy

A recent study conducted by Vacant Home Insurance Now reveals that 95% of anticipated expatriates were not aware that their home would be considered vacant and uninsurable while they were away. - March 29, 2009

Real Estate Market Woes Cause Rash of Unpaid Homeowners Claims

Because of the struggling real estate market, hundreds of thousands of homes no longer qualify as insurable by standard homeowners insurance because they have become vacant. - March 07, 2009

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