Laughter. Inspiration. Learning. The Free Women Masters Tele-Seminar Series with SARK and Marianne Williamson

The Women Masters Tele-Seminar Series, a complimentary Tele-Seminar program offering people worldwide a chance to get inspired, listen and learn from America’s most respected women self-improvement experts via phone, is completing its final series of the year with SARK and Marianne Williamson. - November 06, 2009

Altruism and Entrepreneurship Create Positive Life Change for Women

The Fall Women Masters Tele-Seminar Series features America’s wisest women, like Marianne Williamson, SARK and Victoria Moran, sharing their knowledge and inspiration for free. - September 13, 2009

Mariel Hemingway Kicks Off the Summer Session of the Free Women Masters Tele-Seminar Series

The Women Masters Tele-Seminar Summer Series is a complimentary 8-week virtual program offering women (and men!) worldwide a chance to listen and learn from America’s most respected female experts. - June 11, 2009

How do You Launch a Successful Business – In This Economy – by Giving Things Away?

Female entrepreneur Amy Ahlers founded Wake-Up Call Coaching in January 2009 and business is booming. - June 08, 2009

America’s Favorite Life Coach from the Emmy-Award Winning Starting Over, Rhonda Britten, is This Week’s Featured Expert for the Free Women Masters Tele-Seminar

Designed to offer inspiration to women across the world, The Women Masters is also donating 10% of the profits (from the ancillary sales of upgrade packages of MP3 recordings, CDs and/or transcripts) to Women for Women International and Girls, Inc. and is dedicated to helping women realize their strength and empower themselves in this challenging time. - May 01, 2009

Inspiring Mother's Day Gift is Full of Heart and Easy on the Wallet

The Women Masters Teleseminar Series makes a wonderful and meaningful gift for mothers and daughters alike. Offered free of cost, this program is about sharing the wisdom and insights of our most respected women experts with women (and men) worldwide. Additionally, 10% of proceeds benefit Women for Women International And Girls, Inc. - April 26, 2009

Wake-Up Call Coaching Offers Women a Stimulus Package for the Spirit

The Women Masters Tele-Seminar Series is a free 12-week virtual program offering the chance to listen and learn from America’s most successful women – for free. “It’s time for women to wake-up and step into their own power and genius – and it’s time for us all to help one another.” says CEO Amy Ahlers. Not only is the program offered for free, but also 10% of any proceeds raised from the ancillary sales of will be donated to women- and girl-based charities. - March 11, 2009

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