Cow Poo Powers Village by Alfagy

Cow poo and grass are the main ingredients for cooking up new high efficiency power. - November 09, 2011

Animal Farm Powers Village by Alfagy

In England, biogas from animal waste is used to generate electricity. Pigs and cows along with chickens are recruited to power a village. The new animal farm AD biogas plant commissioned today demonstrates how rural villages will be powered by local energy. - October 27, 2011

Alfagy's New Box Stores CO2 in Vegetables

A new heat and power box stores CO2 in tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers while delivering electricity to nearby homes. - March 05, 2011

Chickens Light Up Ancient Town, Says Alfagy

A new biogas power station showcases how towns will be powered by locally produced energy - October 14, 2010

Alfagy Says City of the Future is Powered by Muck

A new biogas network showcases how future cities will be powered by locally produced energy - May 29, 2009

Army Leads Green Movement

The army today made the world’s first military zero carbon investment in renewable energy. Barracks will now be heated and powered by cutting edge highly efficient technology which turns trees into green power. By growing and harvesting trees on Army land, the Army hopes to cut their fuel... - April 01, 2009

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