HostelsClub Hostel in Milan Undergoes Complete Renovation to Become Most Eco-Friendly Hostel in Italy

This huge hostel in Milan is undergoing serious renovations to become more eco-friendly and handicap accessible, but also provides helpful information on those traveling to Milan on holiday. - July 15, 2010 Reaches over 100 Eco-Friendly and Green Hostels Online

HostelsClub has over 100 hostels to choose from that are eco-friendly or green. Use the new 'eco-friendly' facility option to search through only eco-friendly hostels. - June 27, 2010

HostelsClub is the First International Booking Service to Brand Their Eco-friendly Hostels

From more than 17,000 properties listed with HostelsClub, there is a trend on becoming more eco-friendly and HostelsClub is promoting all the green hostels online. - May 23, 2010

Volcanic Ash Travelers Don't Lose their Money with HostelsClub

HostelsClub, a leading booking site for accommodations worldwide, is allowing the travelers who had mishaps and delays or cancellations due to the Volcanic Cloud a chance to use the deposit already paid as a value credit good for one year. - April 29, 2010

HostelsClub NYC Hostel Donating Balance for Haiti Relief Efforts

NYC Hostel, LOFTSTEL Greene Avenue, is donating the remaining HostelsClub balance of all reservations to various charities to aid Haiti victims. - January 30, 2010 Gives Clients a Chance at Free Stay in American Cities

With the strain on cash this past year, HostelsClub finds a way to promote American hostels and give away beds for free. - January 22, 2010

New Look at the Only Official Hostel in Venice

Hostelling International Venice Italy launches newly enhanced website with tons of local information, history and great itineraries for travellers. - December 02, 2009 Gives the US Dollar Its Value Back: US$1 = 1€

HostelsClub takes proactive measures to help travelers during the global economic crisis. - October 25, 2009

HostelsClub Makes It Easier Than Ever to Find the Perfect Budget Accommodation

HostelsClub has just launched a revolutionary new interface, making it easier than ever before for budget travellers to find their ideal lodging. - July 18, 2009

Venice Gondola Agency Teams Up with HostelsClub Online Travel Agency

Discounted Gondola tour price due to economic crisis and how, an international booking site, wants to make that luxury affordable for budget travelers. - June 14, 2009 and Agenzie 365 Collaborate at Italian Train Stations

International booking site for budget lodging,, is now physically present at four main Italian train stations-Venice, Rome, Florence, and Milan. Agenzie 365, a travel agency, has kiosks, where agents will quickly help clients book last minute hostel-priced accommodations for their next European destination or on the same day of their arrival. - June 08, 2009

Eccentric Structures Turned Into Hostels Partner Up with HostelsClub

Uniquely designed buildings and structures that have converted into hostels now join HostelsClub to increase awareness to unconventional accommodations. - April 08, 2009

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