Web Hosting is Now Powered by Grid at VoxDomains.com

VoxDomains.com Registrar is now offering Web Hosting powered by Grid Technology, for all U.S. plans, at the same price as traditional shared hosting. What does it mean? Increased performance and redundancy: Grid technology uses a cluster of servers instead of a single server to host websites,... - August 27, 2010

'Search Engine Visibility' Designed to Get Your Web Site Noticed

VoxDomains.com Registrar Now Offers Tool to Optimize Your Internet Presence. - October 06, 2009

VoxDomains.com Registrar Now Offers Tool to Optimize Your Internet Presence

According to analyst firm Netcraft, there are more than 238 million Web sites online. Getting a Web site noticed online can be daunting, which is why VoxDomains.com decided to offer Search Engine Visibility. - July 11, 2009

VoxDomains.com Registrar Translates User Suggestions Into Tangible Customer Benefits

Why do people looking to establish or enhance their Web presence use VoxDomains.com Registrar? One reason may be the way this company continuously improves its products and services based on input from many customers who call for help, or to suggest product improvements. - March 02, 2009

VoxDomains.com Registrar Adds .IN to Domain Offerings

Hoping your Web site will become the next "in" thing on the Internet? VoxDomains.com Registrar may be able to help. VoxDomains.com Registrar is adding .IN to its long list of domain offerings. - January 24, 2009

Technology Upgrades at VoxDomains.com Make World Class Web Hosting Service Even Better

VoxDomains.com Registrar, the quality low cost domain registration and web hosting service, is offering now the new Windows Server 2008 with Internet Information Services 7.0 (IIS7) software as the backbone of its Windows Web hosting product line. - March 28, 2008

VoxDomains.com Registrar - Online Photo Sharing Made Simple

VoxDomains.com Registrar offers yet another way for you to use your domain name with Online Photo Filer, an affordable, easy-to-use method for sharing photos on the World Wide Web.  Whether you're a shutterbug or an Internet amateur, Online Photo Filer is a cinch to use and best of all, your... - February 10, 2007

VoxDomains.com Registrar Announces Support for Latest SSL Product

VoxDomains.com Registrar announced today that new Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates are available for sale and ready to install.  An SSL Certificate is a digital credential that authenticates the identity of a Web site and encrypts information via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)... - February 10, 2007

VoxDomains.com Registrar Offers Web Site Builder for .MOBI Domain Name

VoxDomains.com Registrar, the domain name registration service and web hosting provider, offers the popular WebSite Tonight® product, providing key features for those yearning to get involved in the .MOBI revolution. - February 09, 2007

VoxDomains.com Registrar Cuts IT Overhead for Dedicated Server Customers

Registrar’s technical support will address needed patches, backups, monitoring and vulnerability assessments without the traditional costs. - October 11, 2006

VoxDomains.com Makes Text Messaging (SMS) Easier

VoxDomains.com Registrar, the domain registration and web hosting provider, has integrated text messaging (SMS) into Web-based Email. Also, a promotional offer for .COM domain registrations is running live now until October 15th. Price is just $6.95 plus ICANN fee of $0.25 per domain name year. - October 08, 2006

New 6-in-1 SSL Certificate is Introduced By VoxDomains.com Registrar

VoxDomains.com now offers a new 6-in-1 certificate for assuring Web site security while saving online businesses time and money. New offering enhances web site security, savings & customer confidence. By applying the powerful influence of one industry-standard, Secure Socket Layer (SSL)... - August 26, 2006

VoxDomains.com Registrar Added Another Layer of Security and Integration

The quality low-cost Registrar, featured in HostReview's "Fastest Growing Top 10" list, is helping small businesses easily open and manage online stores. Quick Shopping Cart® now links with QuickBooks® financial software and new TippingPoint™ Intrusion Prevention System for virtual/dedicated servers is deployed to help boost web hosting security. - June 28, 2006

VoxDomains.com Registrar Announces Improvements to their Hosting, Web-based Email, and Site Builder Products

VoxDomains.com Registar, the quality low-cost domain registration service and web hosting provider, now supports Web sites created using Ruby on Rails™ and rolled their Web-Based Email 4.0. The site builder application, WebSite Tonight®, now gives anyone the ability to automatically and instantaneously add fresh and attractive content to their site through RSS feeds. - May 07, 2006

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