Innovation in Adhesive to Bond Sinks to Countertops

DeCara Inc, leader in manufacturing DC Dynamis epoxy resins and adhesives, is highly recognized worldwide for its most advanced and high performance epoxy formulas that offer high quality results. After months of tests, DC Dynamis finally releases its latest adhesive compound, the SOLID SURFACE EPOXY BONDING COMPOUND. This adhesive is an affordable and user-friendly epoxy that bonds sinks and cabinets to counter tops made of granite, Corian, stone, ceramic, and other products. - June 26, 2010

Concrete Epoxy Patch and Grout Repair Solution

Dc Dynamis , highly recognized for its impressive line of epoxy solutions and epoxy product/service quality, strikes again with its Epoxy Patch and Grout Repair for Concrete Wall and Floor. Manufactured in Florida, EPO PATCH & GROUT® is user friendly and affordable. It is used for the general patching of holes and worn areas in concrete such as concrete patio area, industrial floors, cement walls and more… - March 11, 2010

Revolutionary Epoxy Solution for Fiberglass Glass Repair

Dc Dynamis, epoxy manufacturer based in Florida, introduce DYNAPOX® EPOXY Fiberglass Repair Kit to complete its already well known and recognized line of boat repair epoxy line. DYNAPOX® EPOXY solution is composed of unique agents that produce a much stronger finish fiberglass. It is highly resistant to fresh water and salt water in tidal, splash or weather zones. - October 29, 2009

New Line of Epoxies for the Automobile and Trucking Industry to Repair Antique Cars and Truck Parts

Dynamis, manufacturer of epoxies, has launched a full line of metal coatings, protective and epoxy adhesives to repair, reinforce, and protect body parts of cars and trunks as well as antique automobiles. Specially designed for automobile floor, trunk panels, metal tank, fiberglass, machinery mounting, casting, bumpers, radiator, crankcase, and pipe repair, this line offers many unique agents. - July 18, 2009

DeCara, Inc., dba. Dynamis Announces the Launch of Its New Online Store Website:

Manufacturer of Epoxy Solutions, Dynamis is Pleased to Offer Online Shopping Solutions of Epoxy Systems on Its New Website at Potential and Current Customers and Distributors Can Now Create an Online Account and Shop Among Over 100 Epoxy Products to Fix Fiberglass, Metal, Wood, Decks, Driveways, Electrical Motors, Concrete and Much More. - April 23, 2009

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