Wanda Pépin Selected as Study Artist by School near Manchester, England

Wanda Pépin, an internationally acclaimed and collected contemporary artist currently living in the south part of Oregon, USA, has been selected as a study artist by South Chadderton School in Manchester, England. Chosen as a favored artist by the students and because of her impressive online presence, Pépin is now inspiring these children throughout the year in their art classes. - May 27, 2009

Timeless Fashion and Art Announces The “100 Years of Fashion” Collectors Cards

Timeless Fashion and Art features beautiful vintage clothing, perfume and fashion art. Their newest collection is the "100 Years of Fashion" series and features a lovely lady from each year (1900-1999) in the most beautiful gown of the year as voted on the website. Check them out at www.timelessfashionandart.com - May 08, 2009

Timeless Fashion and Art Introduces the “100 Years of Fashion” Art Series

Timeless Fashion and Art has created a new collection of beautiful women in beautiful fashion from the last 100 years. - May 02, 2009

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