Andy Ahern of Ahern and Associates Completes Consulting Assignment for Norco Corporation; Assists Milan Express in Selling to Vitran

Trucking and transportation management consultant, Andy Ahern receives strong praise for recent completion of consulting assignments. - March 09, 2011

Ahern and Associates Sets the Industry Standard for Longevity; Employees Celebrating a Combined 60 Years of Service

Transportation consulting firm, Ahern and Associates harbors tenured employees and creates proactive work environment which launches long term careers. - February 16, 2011

Andy Ahern of Ahern and Associates Teams Up with Trucking Industry; Completes Another Successful Food Drive for St. Mary’s Food Bank

Andy Ahern of Ahern and Associates raises an additional $200,000+ worth of food during annual food drive for St. Mary’s Food Bank. - February 05, 2011

New Less Than Truckload Software Introduced by Trucking Acquisition Firm, Ahern and Associates and AMT

Ahern and Associates, in conjunction with Analytical Management Techniques offers new software to help LTL carriers accurately calculate profit and loss for each business segment. - January 15, 2011

Andy Ahern of Ahern and Associates Partners with AMT; Announces New Freight Brokerage Software

New software for freight brokers analyzes revenues, expenses and bottom line profits in real time; provides a new tool for improving net profits. - January 05, 2011

Trucking Consultant, Andy Ahern of Ahern and Associates Announces Completion of Two Consulting Assignments; Hiring for Third

Trucking and logistics consulting firm completes distribution system restructuring, remodels business plan and accepts new client acquisition engagement. - December 18, 2010

Andy Ahern of Ahern and Associates Improves Partnership Program; Offers New Benefit to Distressed Trucking Companies

Partnership program for trucking and logistics companies recently approved for financing of trailers, further easing strain on cash flow. - December 12, 2010

Andy Ahern of Ahern and Associates Hired by Miller Transfer to Find Trucking Acquisition Target

Transportation acquisition firm to aid Miller Transfer’s expansion into the Southeast. - December 02, 2010

Trucking Executive, Andy Ahern of Ahern and Associates Calls on Transportation Industry for Annual Food Drive for St. Mary’s Food Bank

Ahern looks to add to his remarkable feat of donating over $1,000,000 worth of food through last decade of food drives. - November 19, 2010

Trucking Industry Newsletter, “Ahern Advisory” by Andy Ahern of Ahern and Associates Surpasses 225,000 Subscribers

“Ahern Advisory” transportation centric newsletter tops over 225,000 subscribers; delivers free information on trucking, logistics and the economy. - November 11, 2010

Andy Ahern, CEO of Ahern and Associates Invited as Panel Member for December Conference on CSA 2010

Benesch, Attorneys at Law invite nation’s top transportation analyst as panelist for an in depth examination of Comprehensive Safety Analysis 2010. - November 04, 2010

Ahern and Associates’ CEO Andy Ahern Leads Trucking Industry in Use of New Media to Bring Parties Together; Provide Guidance

Trucking consulting firm champion’s the use of new, web based media platforms to open lines of communication and deliver valuable advice to struggling trucking companies. - October 28, 2010

Ahern and Associates Hired by JAMCO International to Expand Freight Brokerage and Logistics Division

Transportation consulting firm, Ahern and Associates to work with JAMCO International in acquiring custom freight brokers and freight forwarders that meet expansion criteria. - October 21, 2010

Ahern and Associates Launches New Trucking Company Crisis Hotline

Trucking consulting firm introduces new service aimed at providing viability options to distressed trucking and logistics companies. - October 15, 2010

Nation’s Largest Privately Held Drayage Company Hires Ahern and Associates to Facilitate Agent Acquisitions

The Evans Network of Companies engages trucking consulting firm, Ahern and Associates to spearhead expansion efforts. - October 07, 2010

Ahern and Associates Releases Details of Updated Partnership Programs to Aid Trucking Companies Struggling with Cash Flow

Trucking and Logistics companies struggling with receivables and slow growth have new options to turn to. - September 30, 2010

Ahern and Associates Announces Engagement Details of Three Additional Acquisition Clients Within Trucking and Logistics Industries

Leading transportation acquisition and consulting firm contracted to deliver acquisition targets for three additional buyers; brings total to thirteen open assignments. - September 22, 2010

Ahern and Associates Hired by National 3PL, ParcelPort for Dual Acquisition Duties

Third party logistics provider, ParcelPort has engaged Ahern and Associates to further their logistics and warehousing acquisition strategy. - September 10, 2010

Top Trucking Industry Analyst, Andy Ahern of Ahern and Associates Praised by Corporate Peers

Industry clients and beneficiaries of Ahern and Associates express deep satisfaction with level of service Ahern provides. - September 02, 2010

Trucking Consultants, Ahern and Associates Announces Engagement by 10 New Clients to Facilitate Company Acquisitions Plus Consulting Assignment

Transportation management consultants hired by ten additional trucking and logistics companies to procure target acquisitions and redesign specific freight distribution systems. - August 24, 2010

Andy Ahern of Ahern and Associates Teams Up with Trucking Company Chairman and Block by Block to Rebuild Cedar Rapids, IA

Slow moving government spurs trucking executive into forming Block by Block to raise private and public funding to help Cedar Rapids recover from the Iowa floods of 2008—Ahern to aid in fundraising. - July 28, 2010

Trucking Acquisition Firm, Ahern and Associates Expands to Offer Financial Feasibility Services to Clients

Ahern and Associates, Ltd. to consult clients on personal wealth management and goal attainment before executing the sale of their trucking or logistics company. - June 30, 2010

Transportation Analyst, Andy Ahern Breaks Tradition for St. Mary’s Food Bank; Calls on Trucking Industry for Summer Food Drive

Harsh economic conditions motivate local trucking and logistics consultant to double regular, holiday food drive efforts by asking trucking community to help replenish St. Mary’s diminishing food supply. - June 16, 2010

Trucking and Logistics Conference Held by Ahern and Associates and Benesch, Friedlander Sets the Stage for 2011

Benesh/Ahern transportation conference recently held in Phoenix, AZ exhibited keen insight on the trucking and logistics industries and capital markets in transportation; conference’s success provided catalyst for second conference in 2011. - June 11, 2010

Ahern & Associates Selected by Linx Partners, LLC to Perform Transportation Company Acquisition Search

Trucking and logistics company acquisition specialists, Ahern & Associates, Ltd., engaged by New York and Atlanta based, Linx Partners, LLC to locate niche transportation acquisition target. - May 12, 2010

Ahern & Associates and Benesch, Friedlander Announce Panelists for Upcoming Trucking & Logistics Conference on Mergers, Acquisitions and State of Capital Markets

Expert panelists and keynote speakers announced for complimentary trucking and logistics conference to be held on May 25, 2010 at the Ritz Carlton, Phoenix; speakers to provide information on mergers, acquisitions, recapitalization, restructuring and profitability within the transportation industry. - May 05, 2010

Ahern & Associates Secures KEH Logistics as Additional Agent Location for Thomas & Sons Distributors

Transportation analyst, Andy Ahern aids Thomas & Sons Distributors in growing their agent network through the addition of Pennsylvania based, KEH Logistics. - April 28, 2010

Transportation & Logistics Analyst, Andy Ahern of Ahern & Associates Contracted by John J. Jerue Companies to Grow Freight Brokerage Network

Andy Ahern of Ahern & Associates, Ltd. engaged by John J. Jerue Companies to locate additional agent locations for their expanding network of freight brokers. - April 07, 2010

Transportation Analyst, Andy Ahern of Ahern & Associates Secures Additional Agent Location for Network F.O.B.

Indiana based Tepee Logistics Group joins Network F.O.B’s extensive group of agent locations. - March 19, 2010

Transportation Analyst, Andy Ahern of Ahern & Associates Assists Dependable Highway Express (DHE) in Completing Trucking Acquisition of Matheson Fast Freight

Andy Ahern of Ahern & Associates, Ltd. aids west coast trucking and logistics conglomerate, The Dependable Companies with their latest trucking acquisition; broadens west coast LTL presence. - February 26, 2010

Transportation Analyst, Andy Ahern of Ahern & Associates Assists Universal Truckload Services, Inc. in Purchasing Freight Brokerage Firm, D. Kratt International, Inc.

Universal Truckload Services, Inc. acquires Chicago based freight forwarding and customs house brokerage firm, D. Kratt International, Inc. with the aid of transportation management and consulting firm, Ahern & Associates, Ltd. - January 21, 2010

Ahern & Associates Introduces Business Management Newsletter to Trucking and Logistics Industries; Complements Popular Ahern Advisory Podcast

Insightful, weekly newsletter aimed at aiding struggling trucking and logistics companies by providing expert advice on sound management principles and ethics in business. - January 20, 2010

Gum Branch Capital Hires Leading Transportation Analyst, Andy Ahern of Ahern & Associates to Augment Search for Transportation Company Acquisition

Transportation acquisition specialist, Andy Ahern of Ahern & Associates commissioned to find viable acquisition candidates for expanding Gum Branch Capital, LLC - January 13, 2010

Ahern & Associates’ Senior Analyst, Bob Schwartz to Retire from Trucking Acquisition Industry After Seven Years of Service

Senior trucking acquisition analyst, Bob Schwartz to retire post at Ahern & Associates after seven years of facilitating dozens of successful trucking acquisitions and mergers. - January 07, 2010

Trucking Consultant, Andy Ahern of Ahern and Associates Engaged by IWD Transportation to Facilitate Brokerage Company Acquisition

IWD Transportation, LLC seeks to add an additional brokerage company to their family of companies; appoints transportation consulting firm Ahern & Associates to further acquisition strategy. - December 18, 2009

Andy Ahern of Ahern & Associates Rally’s Trucking Industry to Fight Hunger Through St. Mary’s Food Bank

St. Mary’s Food Bank benefits annually from group donations procreated by the efforts of Andy Ahern and his many colleagues within the transportation industry. - December 16, 2009

Lily Transportation Hires Trucking and Logistics Acquisition Specialists, Ahern & Associates to Augment Expansion Efforts

Ahern & Associates to help fuel company growth by seeking out logistics company acquisition candidates for Lily Transportation Corporation. - December 04, 2009

Trucking and Logistics Consulting Firm, Ahern & Associates Facilitates Additional Agent Location for Network F.O.B.

Rock Hill, SC based Tandem Transport Co., Inc. becomes the 84th agent location overall for Network F.O.B. and the sixth agent sign on as a result of Ahern & Associates’ efforts. - November 05, 2009

Transportation Consultants, Ahern & Associates to Quadruple Thomas & Sons’ Existing Freight Brokerage Services

Trucking consulting firm, Ahern & Associates hired by Thomas & Sons Distributors to aggressively expand their regional freight brokerage services up and down the west coast. - October 21, 2009

Newly Released Transportation Software from Ahern & Associates Helps McKelvey Trucking Cut Costs, Assess Profitability

McKelvey Trucking markedly improves profitability when using newest version of Financial I.Q. 2.0 trucking software to take the guesswork out of lane analysis. - October 14, 2009

Trucking Consultant, Andy Ahern to Join Esteemed Panel of Speakers at Upcoming TransForum 2009 Conference

Andy Ahern of Ahern & Associates to deliver expert insight about transportation mergers and acquisitions on speaking panel collaborated by James M. Hill of Benesch Law at TransForum 2009. - September 17, 2009

Trucking Consulting Firm, Ahern & Associates Engaged by National Drayage Services, LLC (NDS) to Secure Bi-Coastal Agent Opportunities

NDS seeks to expand agent operations to Los Angeles and New York, hires transportation consultants, Ahern and Associates to aid in securing agent locations. - September 02, 2009

Evans Transportation Services Retains Ahern and Associates to Further Transportation Management Acquisitions and Strategic Goals

Transportation management specialists Ahern and Associates to aid Evans Transportation Services with future growth strategies by targeting supply chain management acquisitions. - July 27, 2009

Ahern and Associates’ Podcast Enlightens Viewers, Supports Transportation Industry

Ahern Advisory free podcast provides a gamut of valuable information to the Trucking and Logistics industries. - July 14, 2009

Ahern and Associates Enters Into Agreement with Atlantic Street Capital Partners to Assist in Developing a Transportation Platform Growth Strategy

Atlantic Street Capital Partners secures the management consulting services of Ahern and Associates to develop a long term growth strategy for future transportation acquisitions. - July 06, 2009

Dependable Highway Express (DHE) Relies on Ahern and Associates to Complete Second Successful Trucking Acquisition

Ahern and Associates is entrusted, once again to target a second profitable trucking company acquisition to fuel growth for industry leader, Dependable Highway Express. - June 29, 2009

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