How the Internet Has Changed the Background Check

Detectives used to conducted background checks by checking into court documents and, by questioning people who knew the person being investigated. Today, though, there are many databases of personal information online. For PIs, the Internet means: more work, less focus on locality, more competition, and more ways of getting information. - November 10, 2007

Study Suggests Why Cheating Spouses Need to be Confronted Fast

A study finds that infidelity can be a form of emotional violence that leaves betrayed partners with the same symptoms as an abusive partnership. Finding out the facts and acting on the cheating early may help the healing process. - July 12, 2007

If a Former Partner is Dating Someone New, is a Child Custody Investigation a Smart Idea?

There are many things that can affect a child’s safety in a custody situation. One of these things is the new friends and partners that a parent may meet after a divorce. - April 04, 2007

Why You Should Use a Professional Repossession Company

Any company holding a security interest in an asset on which payments have not been made can choose to repossess to recover the property. However, choosing the right repo service is a must to ensure a legal and hassle-free repossession. - April 02, 2007

Uses for a Public Records Search

Different types of public records searches generate different results and information. Anyone interested in getting timely, accurate public records searches conducted needs to consult with a private investigator to get real results. - March 31, 2007

Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Mystery Shopper

According to 2005 statistics published by the Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA), secret shopping services are a $600 million industry in the United States, with more than 8.1 million mystery shops conducted in 2004 alone. Businesses turn in such numbers to secret shopper services because these services offer a number of benefits for companies. Many companies report that these services help them to: - March 23, 2007

How to Tell Whether a Partner is Having an Emotional Affair

Look out for the signs of an emotional affair. Emotional cheating can lead to a traditional affair, so keeping an eye out for the classic signs can help partners outwit pain down the road. - March 21, 2007

When Does Cheating Cross the Line?

Online cheaters connect with other partners in cyberspace for adventures that range from erotic virtual encounters to basic flirting. While some don’t consider it cheating, many experts agree that online infidelity crosses the line – and can lead to real cheating in person. - March 19, 2007

When Should a Polygraph be Used?

Polygraph testing is used by many companies. Understanding where and when to use polygraphs is a must for any business looking for answers. - March 15, 2007

Wrongful Death Investigators Help Get Fairer Settlements

Wrongful death lawsuits are very common. These lawsuits need to be filed within a specific timeframe in order to be successful. Time and evidence are essential in cases such as these, and a private investigator can be the best investment a plaintiff can make. - March 13, 2007

Understanding the Repossession Process

Businesses that rent, borrow, lease or offer financing on products face risk of non-payment. When a customer does not make payment, the business stands to lose considerable amounts of money. Investing in a professional investigator with repossession experience can be the best way to collect property legally without losing additional money. - March 11, 2007

Is Your Ex Avoiding Child Support?

Many parents and children are in financial difficulty today because parents are not paying the child support ordered by courts. Hiring a private investigator can help parents augment resource-strapped legal systems so that payment can finally be made. - March 10, 2007

Dating Background Checks: A Smart Idea or An Invasion of Privacy?

The new world of online dating brings new risks to the world of romance. Dating background checks can give daters the tools they need to make informed decisions in matters of the heart. - February 26, 2007

Real Estate Fraud is on the Rise: Protect Yourself

Real estate fraud is on the rise. Knowing the popular scams out there and knowing how to protect against this type of criminal activity is essential. - February 25, 2007

Computer Surveillance - What Does it Offer?

Computer monitoring software can uncover exactly what computer users are doing online. Anyone interested in installing this type of software, though, needs to select the program carefully. - February 24, 2007

Scooby Doo, Magnum PI and the 8 Other 'Best Private Detectives of All Time'

The Staff at, a worldwide directory of investigators, compiled their list of the most interesting, sexy, and cool fictional detectives and PIs of all time. - January 16, 2007

Electronic Surveillance - How is it Affecting Your Life?

Electronic surveillance in its many forms is everywhere today, potentially creating greater safety for the public and for companies. Knowing how and where to use this type of surveillance can help individuals and companies make the right security decisions. - January 03, 2007

Nanny 911: Top Warning Signs You Need Another Nanny Check – and an Investigator

Parents are increasingly worried about the caregivers who care for their children. While carefully pre-employment screening can help parents find qualified nannies and babysitters, parents need to remain vigilant even after hiring, as problems can occur at any time. - November 17, 2006

Does the Internet Make Cheating Easier – Or Just Easier to Detect?

A recent series on The Today Show underscores what many already know – infidelity is a major problem today and the Internet seems to be making the problem worse. However, despite what cheaters believe, the Internet is not a safe haven for affairs. - November 14, 2006

Your Toolkit for a Successful Missing Persons Investigation

While no family wants to consider what may happen if a loved one goes missing, knowing what to do is a must. Being prepared greatly increases the chances that the missing person will be returned quickly and safely. - November 10, 2006

Business Travel Safety – Must-Know Tips for Leaving the Country

Tips one should consider while both preparing for business travel, as well as during the business trip itself. - October 12, 2006

Avoiding Hiring Employees that are Going to Cost You Money

Simple steps to identifying problem employees before you hire them. - October 03, 2006

Domestic Investigations – When there is Trouble in the Home

Domestic investigations are one of the most common reasons private investigators are hired, and they can give you the results you need to get real peace of mind. - August 22, 2006

Criminal Investigations: Is Television Affecting How You See Crime?

Surprise – police investigators may not be able to give your case the attention you need, which is why a private criminal investigator may be your best bet. - August 02, 2006

Mystery Shopping: Why Employers Are Using it Instead of Surveillance

The many benefits of professional secret shopping - July 24, 2006

Need a Process Server? Don’t Cut Corners and Hire Locally

What you don’t know about process serving can get you in trouble or get your case thrown out of court. - July 06, 2006

Why Bodyguards are not Just for Celebrities Anymore

A growing number of executives and even everyday people are choosing to hire executive protection and security agents. - June 27, 2006

Can your relationship survive an affair?

What to do if you think your lover is cheating - June 15, 2006

How to Help in an Accident Investigation

What to do when the worst happens. - June 09, 2006

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