Mexico-Based Stem Cell Clinic Advances in Accreditation Process

The International Cellular Medicine Society (ICMS), an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the field of adult cell based medicine, announced today that the Regenerative Medicine Institute (RMI) of Tijuana, Mexico, has successfully undergone and completed the first phase of its... - July 15, 2011

International Society Publishes Open Letter to Address Stem Cell Treatment Proliferation

Nonprofit calls on all stem cell clinics to come into compliance with minimum standards and submit to formal evaluation. - April 21, 2011

ICMS Launches Global Treatment Evaluation for Parkinson’s Disease with a New Sub-Committee for Cell Medicine Oversight

Society initiates worldwide effort to distinguish and identify verifiable stem cell treatment outcomes. - April 17, 2011

International Stem Cell Society Tracks 750 Adult Stem Cell Patient Cases

Significant milestone reached for field and promise of adult stem cell therapies. - April 02, 2011

ICMS Announces First Participant in Stem Cell Clinic Accreditation Program

International Cellular Medicine Society and Regenerative Medicine Institute enter formal agreements to begin Accreditation Process. - March 17, 2011

International Cellular Medicine Society Releases Findings on Stem Cell Patient Deaths

Stem cell organization presents findings on RNL Bio Investigation. - December 16, 2010

International Cellular Medicine Society Builds Support for Patient Safety and Education in Asia

ICMS Executive Director Delivers Keynote Remarks in Japan Following Meeting with Korean Senate - August 06, 2010

International Society Publishes Open Letter to Stem Cell Clinics

International Cellular Medicine Society publishes letter to stem cell clinics calling them to join the ICMS and protect the future of cellular medicine. - August 04, 2010

International Stem Cell Organization Adds Notable Bioethicist to Board

The International Cellular Medicine Society (ICMS) proudly announces the addition of Glenn McGee, PhD to its Board of Directors. - July 11, 2010

International Stem Cell Association Publishes Landmark Survey of Stem Cell Clinics

Stem cell association releases survey report that compares treatments, procedures and prices of 22 stem cell clinics worldwide. - April 14, 2010

International Medical Association Publishes Guidelines for Tracking Safety of Adult Stem Cell Procedures

International medical association publishes landmark best practices guidelines that define the methodology for tracking patient safety and outcomes after stem cell treatments. - February 05, 2010

Medical Society Announces Publication of Largest Stem Cell Safety Study to Date

The ICMS announces the publication of the largest stem cell safety study. Using the guidelines put forward by the ICMS, 227 patients were followed for complications after receiving adult stem cell therapies using a novel new protocol. No serious complications were reported. - December 19, 2009

ICMS Publishes Comprehensive Report on Off Shore Stem Cell Clinics

The International Cellular Medicine Society, the only independent adult stem cell association, has published a first of its kind report on Off Shore Stem Cell Clinics. Working with patients and medical professionals, this report provides a unique insight into the practices of these non-US stem cells clinics. The reports looks at what stem cells are being utilized in these clinics, a comparison of costs and an evaluation of the clinical procedures against published best practice guidelines. - October 02, 2009

International Cellular Medicine Society Seeks to Educate Patients on Off-Shore Stem Cells Clinics

Stem cell clinics in nearly 20 countries have been actively advertising new stem cell therapies for a myriad of diseases ranging from congestive heart failure to ALS. To help patients, the ICMS has launched a comprehensive study of promises and downsides of off shore stem cell therapies and clinics. - July 19, 2009

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