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An Amazing Breakthrough From Europe! Proven Nutritional Support for Your Joints—So Powerful It's Patented!

Zincosamine™ is the only product in the world containing the patented herbal extract EV.EXT® 77 and Glucosamine. Zincosamine™ promotes and maintains healthy joint function, naturally.

Experience dramatic effects. Zincosamine™ is unlike any product of its kind!

* Further promote joint health with Glucosamine
* Zincosamine™ inhibits prostaglandins, leukotrienes, and cytokines
* Promote joint health effectively due to the triple inhibitory action
* Help your body to be more mobile and limber with Alpinia galanga

EV.EXT® 77
Zincosamine™ contains the patent-pending extract EV.EXT® 77, which preserves the active compounds of the herbs and ensures standardized, uniform quality from batch to batch. It is a highly standardized extract of ginger rhizomes.

Glucosamine is the building block for ligaments, tendons, and fluid in the joints. It gives cartilage strength, structure and resiliency. It is widely used for promoting healthy joint function.
Scientifically Proven to Promote Joint Health!