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Acti•Flex® is a comprehensive nutritional formula for maximizing the health of your joints and connective tissue.

• Ideal for athletes, "weekend warriors" and physically active adults who seek to nutritionally support the connective tissue in the joints

• Provides a clinically effective dose of glucosamine hydrochloride, which is essential for maintaining and supporting collagen and cartilage

• Fortified with 100% pure, pharmaceutical-grade pregnenolone, which has been shown to benefit overall joint functioning

• Provides more turmeric extract - a powerful antioxidant and a proven extract for joint health - than any other formula

• Supports healthy joints with exclusive Zymogesic®, a blend of proteolytic enzymes and herbs that can break down joint-destructive compounds

Studies have shown that our greatest tool to maintain maximum mobility is through proper nutrition and supplementation. In fact, over 2,500 published papers now attest to the supportive properties of nature's infinite array of therapeutic botanical and nutritional factors. With this in mind, Acti•Flex® was designed to support your body's internal processes for maintenance and support of collagen and cartilage. Each caplet fuses ancient herbal wisdom with the latest breakthroughs of modern nutritional science to form a supplement for maximum joint health. This exclusive formulation contains a synergistic blend of natural joint nutrients, foremost of which are:

Glucosamine hydrochloride: This clinically proven aminomonosaccharide is naturally embodied in the matrix of joint tissue where it is essential for the regeneration of articular cartilage and collagen. Zymogesic herbal blend: This powerful complex of adaptogenic herbs and proteolytic enzymes works together with the other natural ingredients in Acti•Flex® to provide complete joint and connective tissue support.

100% pure, pharmaceutical-grade pregnenolone: Studies have shown this revolutionary hormone precursor may offer a broad array of beneficial properties for overall joint functioning. Standardized herbal extracts: Feverfew, ginger and turmeric, used without adverse side effects for centuries, have been intensely studied for their ability to maintain maximum mobility.

For best results, use Acti•Flex® in conjunction with Basic Mindell Plus™ and Zincosamine™.
Beat Overstressed Joints!