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Dino Pals Children's Vitamin Formula

DinoPals® are designed by Dr. Mindell to be the most complete whole food based nutritional supplement ever developed for children. Your child will love the great wild berry taste and fun dinosaur imprints, and you'll love the benefits!

• Naturally flavored, with no added sugar, no solvents, salt, yeast, wheat, corn, dairy products, artificial coloring or flavoring, preservatives, pesticides or herbicides!

• Perfectly balanced profile of 13 essential vitamins and 12 essential minerals!

• Provides state-of-the-art nutrients like beta-carotene, vitamin K, boron and vanadium that other children’s formulas neglect!

• Loaded with health-building phytonutrients from 30 fruit and vegetable concentrates!

• Super-charged with a complete profile of phytoplankton (algae) that are believed to be nature’s richest sources of protein, trace elements and chlorophyll!

• Fortified with a broad spectrum of friendly intestinal flora, including bifidobacterium and lactobacillus cultures that are essential for proper digestion, nutrient assimilation, waste removal and immune response!

DinoPals® supplies:

The magnesium found in 1 cup of fresh Broccoli,
The vitamin C in one medium orange,
The vitamin E in 3 1/2 oz of sunflower seeds,
The calcium in 3 1/2 oz of raw spinach,
The zinc in 1 lb. of fresh peanuts,
The Vitamin B-1 in 14 oz of oat bran,
The vitamin A in 1.2 lbs. of Brussels sprouts
...and so much more!

TAKE A MOMENT to review the "DinoPals® vs The Leading Competitors" chart and the complete ingredients list to see what your children are missing!
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