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Canine Care Nuggets

The most complete daily nutritional program ever developed for dogs

• Full nutritional potency! Canine Care® nuggets are never subjected to heat, so absolutely no nutrients are lost

• Enhances the immune system

• Optimizes overall health including proper circulation

• Boosts vitality

• Promotes a beautiful coat and healthy skin

• Highly digestible formula is rich in antioxidants and fiber

• Provides a solid nutritional foundation for your dog for proper cell function with a blend of all natural vitamins, minerals, enzymes, essential fatty acids and wholesome foods

It is just as important to supplement your dog's daily diet with a nutritional supplement as it is your own. In fact, because a dog's daily diet may consist solely of a commercial dog food, it becomes even more important. Almost all commercial dog foods are processed under heat, which destroys most beneficial nutrients. The same "heating process" is also applied to most of the leading nutritional supplements. Therefore, your dog is probably not getting the nutrition he or she really needs. That's why Dr. Earl Mindell developed Canine Care® for dogs.

For the last 30 years, Dr. Earl Mindell has researched and studied nutrients we all need on a daily basis to function at our best and stay healthy. Now with Canine Care®, you can offer your dog the benefit of that research.

Canine Care® nuggets are made from only the highest quality ingredients--the same quality ingredients you take yourself

The best part is that Canine Care® nuggets taste so great that your dog will think they're a treat--so you can reward your "best friend" while also promoting a strong immune system, a beautiful coat and healthy skin. Canine Care® provides a simple, effective and tasty way to help your dog maintain optimal health.

"Seeing is believing." Introduce your dog to Canine Care® and see the benefits for yourself!
Isn't Your Dog Worth It?