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CardioMate® is a revolutionary supplement designed especially to help support cardiovascular health and to help support healthy heart function

* The world's most comprehensive cardiovascular support supplement
* Contains FreeLife's patented, highly absorbable CoQ10 formula
* Up to three times greater absorption than ordinary coenzyme Q10
* Contains all-natural antioxidants, heart boosters and cardiovascular protectors
* Easy to take—only one or two softgels daily

Cardiovascular problems don't happen overnight—and they don't happen just because of your age. Most heart problems are a result of damage that occurs throughout your lifetime and then manifests itself in later years. You can help to support a healthy heart right now!

CardioMate® is the world's most comprehensive cardiovascular support supplement. Formulated with a wealth of heart boosters and protectors, CardioMate® offers a synergistic blend of scientifically documented heart care nutrients. This revolutionary formula features an advanced form of the miracle nutrient CoQ10. FreeLife's patented CoQ10 formula has been shown to be up to 3 times more absorbable than ordinary CoQ10 supplements.

Dozens of studies confirm that the heart pumps blood more efficiently when it maintains optimum CoQ10 levels. But the benefits of CoQ10 don't just apply to people who need cardiovascular support. On the contrary, this important nutrient can help improve your heart's efficiency, no matter what your age or condition—just ask any of the athletes who take CoQ10 to boost their energy and aerobic exercise performance!

CardioMate® also features standardized hawthorn extract, a natural cardiac stimulant and antioxidant protector. The synergistic combination of CoQ10 and hawthorn extract provide nutritional support to keep your heartbeat strong and regular. The powerful antioxidant powers of both of these nutrients also combine to protect your entire circulatory system from free radical damage.

A great heart formula must also address the problem of elevated cholesterol levels. CardioMate® contains natural vitamin E, aged garlic, and capsicum extract, all of which help to regulate cholesterol levels.

FreeLife's Patented CoQ10 Formula Is Three Times More Absorbable!
Nourish Your Heart!