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Fired Up!

Get Fired Up!®

Get Fired Up!® in the morning, in the afternoon, and whenever you need a natural boost. Feeling tired or sluggish? Fired Up!® is the perfect replacement for coffee, soda, and candy. Craving sugar, sweets, or just feeling too hungry all the time? Fired Up!® is the answer. When used before exercising, it helps promote better physical endurance and training. This delicious low-calorie, low-carb drink provides your mind and body with the natural energy you need every day.

Fired Up!® has been scientifically formulated to:

• Enhance your overall energy
• Help control your appetite and cravings
• Increase workout performance
• Increase mental alertness and focus
• Provide a great "Fired Up!®" alternative to coffee, soda, and candy
• Turn on your body's fat burning potential
• Help you cope with physiological stress

Fired Up!® contains:

• Only 2 grams of carbohydrates
• No sugar
• Just 10 calories per serving
• The antioxidant power of green tea

Enhance Your Performance
The powerful, synergistic blend of ingredients in Fired Up!® increases mental alertness and physical performance. L-phenylalanine, a natural amino acid, helps increase energy, promoting feelings of well-being while helping to reduce your appetite.

Burn Fat!
Energy-enhancing Fired Up!® contains FreeLife's exclusive Lipitol™, a unique green tea complex that helps you to burn calories faster.

Stress No More
Wouldn't it be great to reduce your stress with a delicious, soothing drink? Fired Up!® is the solution. It contains Panax ginseng, a powerful adaptogen that helps you to respond quickly to physical and mental stress, improving your natural ability to recover from exercise exhaustion.

Perfect Anytime, Anywhere
Drink Fired Up!® as often as you like for a natural boost of energy. Simply mix with 8 ounces of cold water or with your favorite fruit juice for a delicious beverage.

For best results, combine Fired Up!® with Dr. Earl Mindell's Russian Gold™, Carbs Away Plus™, and Basic Mindell Plus® for energy production, weight loss support, and total health.
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