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MSM Ultra Power Punch

Great taste, long lasting energy and the health benefits of MSM make MSM Ultra® Power Punch an effective energy drink for physical endurance and recovery.

• Provides sustained energy for up to 10 hours

• Improves endurance, increase mental alertness and the body's ability to deal with stress

• Reduce the effects of tired and stiff muscles

• Provides antioxidant protection against free radical damage

• A great tasting alternative to "empty" soft drinks

• Free from artificial colors, flavors and preservatives

FreeLife's MSM Ultra® Power Punch is designed with the active person in mind. With the multi-patented complex carbohydrate Dahlulin™, and the traditional herbal energizer eleuthero, it can power you through even the toughest workout. And with the miracle nutrient MSM, it can help your body deal with a myriad of stress-related symptoms, including those brought on by increased activity.

Recent research has shown that a patented extraction of the bulbs of the Central American dahlia plant can help our bodies to increase their normal glycogen reserves. With more glycogen at their disposal, muscles are able to get the energy they need as they need it. In fact, studies indicate that this patented carbohydrate, Dahlulin™, can provide sustained energy for up to 10 hours! MSM Ultra® Power Punch is further powered by the proven endurance-builder eleuthero. This traditional Eastern herb has been used for centuries to improve physical and mental performance by helping the body deal with the increased stress of an active lifestyle. Studies indicate that these effects seem to be greatly enhanced by sustained daily use.

Most importantly, each serving of MSM Ultra® Power Punch provides a full 1,000 mg of FreeLife's patented, stabilized MSM along with 100 mg of Citri-C Complex™. Besides all of MSM's "universal" benefits, there is one potential benefit of MSM that deserves the special attention of athletes. The research cites clinical experience that indicates that MSM can play a role in reducing muscle recovery time after athletic workouts.

In short, great taste, long lasting energy and all the health benefits of MSM make MSM Ultra® Power Punch one of the most effective energy drinks for physical endurance and recovery.
Enjoy all these benefits in a great-tasting, natural raspberry flavor punch.