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Russian Gold!

Have you ever wondered why the Russians have won so many Olympic gold medals? Or how the Russian cosmonauts are able to stay in space so long without ill effects? Or why it is that Russians in The Republic of Georgia have the longest lifespan in the world? Therein lies the secret of the Russians—in one word—"adaptogens."

Based on research conducted by the USSR Academy of Science in Russia in 1951 and kept secret until recently, FreeLife brings to you Dr. Earl Mindell's Russian Gold™.

Utilizing the secrets from Russia, this potent adaptogenic formula will:

• Reduce physical, mental, and emotional stress naturally
• Slow the aging process and reduce free-radical damage
• Increase vitality, energy, and endurance
• Enhance your mental alertness, and work and athletic performance
• Improve restful sleep
• Support all major organs within your body
• Promote healthy immune system function, improving resistance and recovery
• Enhance your defense system capabilities
• Optimize your metabolism
• Support your digestive system
• Promote heart and circulatory health
• Maintain sexual energy
• Support your immune system

By taking Russian Gold™, you will be able to enjoy more time doing the things you love to do—sports, exercising, playing with your children and grandchildren, and gardening.

You will even have enough energy and mental alertness to get through your normal workday with ease. The more tired you are, the more Russian Gold™ helps to stabilize you. As a result, you will improve your mental performance and work productivity.

When exerting physical energy, Russian Gold™ helps improve stamina and aids the body in recovery by assisting in muscle tissue regeneration. The refreshing mint-raspberry flavor of Russian Gold™ tastes great as is, or can be added to water or fruit juice.
The Secret to Supercharge Your Health!