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With the pressures of work and family, managing the stress of everyday life can seem like a job in itself. Goals and dreams take time and hard work in order to be achieved. Wouldn't it be great to feel your best every day? Depeze® has been designed to help you do just that!

Depeze® contains the powerful combination of dual-action St. John's wort and jujube seed extract to help uplift emotions and manage stress. Used in Europe since ancient times, St. John's wort promotes feelings of well-being. Jujube seed extract, a premier anti-anxiety herb used in traditional Chinese medicine, enhances the effectiveness of St. John's wort. These mood-brightening herbs work synergistically to relax the body, relieve anxiety, and help maintain normal sleep.

Depeze® contains:

• Clinically-proven St. John's wort, plus jujube seed extract, to promote feelings of well-being

• Anti-stress and muscle-relaxing properties

• The benefits of traditional European and Chinese medicine

• An additional phase of the extraction process that results in a higher level of bioavailability and greater absorption than other St. John's wort products

With a positive mood you can achieve your potential naturally. Depeze® can help you relax when under stress and enable you to feel like yourself again.
Feel Your Best Every Day!