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If you're male, chances are the health of your prostate will be a concern as you grow older. Statistics show that 50% of men over 40 and 85% of men over 80 experience problems with their prostate.

• Helps to maintain a healthy prostate with a proprietary blend of herbal extracts

• Promotes urinary tract health and helps to maintain the male reproductive system

• Ensures optimum nutrient availability with the proprietary UltraSoy Delivery System™

• Further supports prostate health by combining beta-sitosterol with the miracle soybean

All the nutrients in ProstaSoy® have been combined in the research-recommended potencies for optimal results.

• Dozens of scientific studies confirm that 320 mg per day of saw palmetto extract can safely and effectively support the health and functioning of your prostate

• Scientific studies show that 60 mg per day of beta-sitosterol, combined with other plant sterols, is effective in helping to maintain prostate health

• Isoflavones have been shown to help balance and support normal hormonal function

• Lycopene is a nutrient related to beta-carotene. Studies have shown that men who take lycopene in the recommended amounts are promoting a healthy prostate

• ProstaSoy® offers important trace minerals like selenium and zinc that are essential to healthy prostate function

• ProstaSoy® is the only prostate-support supplement with FreeLife's UltraSoy Delivery System™. This unique combination of soy polysaccharides and plant enzymes helps to ensure rapid caplet disintegration and complete nutrient availability
The Most Complete Nutritional Support for a Healthy Prostate!