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Soy Miracle Ultimate® Shakes

Soy Miracle Ultimate® Shakes are the ultimate all-natural source of soy, total nutrition and energy! Soy Miracle Ultimate® Shakes help you:

• Keep your heart healthy and reduce your risk of coronary heart disease

• Gain a pure and natural isoflavone effect with Non-GMO (Non-Genetically Modified Organism) soybeans

• Stay energized with Dahlulin™, a complex carbohydrate, which maintains stable blood sugar

• Support the health of your entire body with 100% of the Daily Value of all essential vitamins and most minerals

• Enhance your body's ability to absorb nutrients

• Enjoy ultimate taste — Chocolate Royale orVanilla Almond

We Use Non-GMO Soybeans! Non-GMO soybeans are the most natural type of soybeans because they are produced under the strict Certified Identity Preservation Program to ensure that they are not genetically engineered at any stage. From harvest to production, these soybeans are 100% certified natural!

Dr. Mindell's Lifelong Study of Soy
Dr. Mindell's interest in the nutritional benefits of the soybean began several years ago when he tried to answer the question, "Why do the Japanese live longer and healthier lives than do Americans?"

Dr. Mindell discovered that the key to the longevity of the Japanese is their lifelong consumption of soy foods, which are high in isoflavones such as genistein, daidzein, and saponins. His mission became to bring the powerful benefits of soy to the American public by developing the ultimate soy-based nutritional program for men, women, and children.

Utilizing 30 years of study and 9 trips to Japan, Dr. Mindell developed the revolutionary Ultra Soy Complex®, his exclusive blend of the most powerful components of the soybean.

The key to these formulations is the special ingredients derived from the highest quality soybeans from around the world synergistically combined in the exact ratio necessary for optimum benefit to the body.

The Soy Miracle Ultimate® Shakes were specially designed to be a great-tasting source of many important nutrients needed to achieve optimal health. The Soy Miracle Ultimate® Shakes can be used as complete meal replacements or healthy snacks that provide 100% of the Daily Value of 12 essential vitamins along with a complete profile of essential minerals and nutrient cofactors.

At the heart of Soy Miracle Ultimate® Shakes is Dr. Mindell's exclusive formula, Ultra Soy Complex® I. This synergistic blend of eight special soyfoods includes: SUPRO®, soy fiber, soy lecithin, tofu powder, soy flour, tamari powder, miso powder, and mixed soy phytosterols. SUPRO®, the superior soy protein isolate, offers unparalleled digestibility and assimilation that is equal to milk, egg, and other animal proteins. The ingredients in Ultra Soy Complex® I are exactingly combined in Dr. Mindell's prescribed ratio to provide optimum benefit to your body.

The Soy Miracle Ultimate® Shakes also supply some of Nature's most exciting whole foods, natural energizers, and active enzymes to give you well-rounded nutritional support. Blue-green micro algae is believed to be one of the richest sources of protein, trace elements, and chlorophyll. Eleuthero—used by Russian athletes for its stamina-boosting properties—and Spanish bee pollen have been added to keep you energized and feeling great. Active enzymes from papaya and pineapple help ensure proper absorption of the nutrients in the Soy Miracle Ultimate® Shakes.

Soy is Heart Healthy—Even the FDA Says So!

Available in two great flavors—Chocolate Royale and Vanilla Almond—there is a Soy Miracle Ultimate® Shake for every palate. For maximum fat loss results, replace one or two meals each day with a delicious Soy Miracle Ultimate® Shake and eat at least one well-balanced meal. Increase your daily physical activity and supplement your diet with FreeLife's Basic Mindell Plus® and Soy Miracle Ultimate® Body Toner.
A Great Tasting Way to Enjoy Heart Health and So Much More!