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Looking Young®

Looking Young® provides maximum nutrition to help you maintain the youthful and vibrant appearance of skin, hair and nails. Looking Young®. will help you to:

• Nutritionally support younger, smoother skin

• Increase your circulation and support your liver's function for healthy skin color

• Protect your skin against the damaging effects of free radicals

• Nutritionally support the development of collagen tissue and fine capillaries

• Improve the appearance of dry skin and rebuild the capacity of cells to keep skin moist

• Nutritional support for hair and nails

• Maintain the thickness of nails

Scandinavian people are known throughout the world for having beautiful skin. It has led some to speculate that Scandinavians must have a "healthy skin" gene! Even as they reach middle age, their radiant complexions and smooth skin seem to defy the ravages of time. But Dr. Mindell has discovered that the secret may not be genetic after all. Through his research, Dr. Mindell has found that the Nordic diet, which is rich in marine proteins, may be responsible for the youthful, healthy-looking Scandinavian complexion

Looking Young® is a revolutionary breakthrough in skin, hair, and nail care. His proprietary Glucosamine/Aloe Mucopolysaccharides Complex™ is the first and only formula of its kind. This remarkable complex provides the same type of proteins that have been a staple of the Scandinavian diet, all in a vegetarian formula.

The Glucosamine/Aloe Mucopolysaccharides Complex™ works with your body's own resources to help promote your skin's firmness and elasticity. In addition, Looking Young® feeds your skin from the inside out, delivering vital nutrients that help to keep it as beautiful as possible.
Discover the Scandinavian Secret to Beautiful Skin!