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4-SIGHT™ is precisely the kind of visionary supplement you've come to expect from FreeLife. It provides the remarkable eye-protective plant carotenoid lutein, at a scientifically recommended level that is 24 times more potent than is boasted by the leading nationally advertised multivitamin.

But this advanced formula only begins with lutein. It is also comprehensive nutrition for your eyes, supplying the entire antioxidant group skillfully combined with special amino acids and vision-specific phytonutrients, including highly standardized extracts of bilberry and green tea. Take Dr. Earl Mindell's 4-SIGHT™ daily to help you protect your precious gift of sight.

• Provides lutein, a high potency carotenoid necessary to support the delicate macula and retina of the eye

• Helps maintain healthy night vision with standardized bilberry anthocyanosides

• Assists tired eyes with soothing eyebright herb

• Supplies powerful antioxidants to help prevent free-radical damage
Support Healthy Vision With Essential Nutrients!