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FreeLife's DigestiMax® can help to maintain the overall health and functioning of your body with its advanced formula.

• DigestiMax® is the only enzyme supplement that provides research-recommended enzymes from 100% pure plant sources

• Our revolutionary formula contains all of the enzymes your body needs to digest every type of complex carbohydrate, protein, tough vegetable fiber and fat you eat

• By increasing your body's ability to absorb vital nutrients, DigestiMax® helps you to gain the most benefit from your food and nutritional supplements

• The pure plant enzymes in DigestiMax® naturally and safely ease the digestive process

No other enzyme supplement offers you more to support every function of your body and maintain health than DigestiMax®. Enzymes do far more than help us to digest food. More than 3,000 different enzymes control every function of the human body. In fact, the body's ability to maintain health and function properly is directly related to the number and strength of its enzymes. Unfortunately, our diets do not provide all of the enzymes we need. Our own enzyme production slows as we grow older -approximately 13% for every decade after age 20. This can lead to a sluggish metabolism, low energy, and inefficient digestion and utilization of foods.
Supports Digestive System Functioning with Enzymes