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Soygenol 100®

Soygenol 100® is a powerful Soy- Activated combination of two of the world's most potent antioxidants, Green Tea and Premium Grape Seed extract.

• Supplies green tea extract, which offers 200 times more antioxidant protection than vitamin E alone

• Delivers 100% proanthocyanidins from FreeLife's exclusive Kikkoman™ Japanese grape seed extract

• 15-20% more proanthocyanidins than pine bark extract

• All the protective power of proanthocyanidins, polyphenols and bioflavonoids in one formula

• Patented soy phosphatide-bonding technology allows as much as a three-fold increase in biological activity

Used medicinally in China since as far back as 2737 BC, green tea has a long history of safety and effectiveness. In fact, green tea extract, the world's most powerful antioxidant, may be up to 200 times stronger than vitamin E in neutralizing free radicals! FreeLife's decaffeinated green tea extract is naturally rich in polyphenols and bioflavonoids (the most active components) and is chemical solvent-free. Each Soygenol 100® tablet contains the equivalent of one and a half cups of green tea.

FreeLife's grape seed extract is made to Dr. Mindell's exacting specifications in an exclusive association with Kikkoman™, one of Japan's largest corporations and the world's most trusted producer of soy and grape products. It is completely water soluble and bioavailable. It is also a grape seed extract that is processed without harsh chemical solvents.

FreeLife's exclusive Kikkoman™ Japanese grape seed extract is the only major brand to contain 100% proanthocyanidins, the most beneficial part of the grape seed. Research indicates that proanthocyanidins can help to:

• Nutritional support to promote the development of collagen and connective tissue

• Strengthen capillaries and support circulation

• Enhance the activity of vitamins C and E

• Promote skin elasticity and smoothness

Recent studies have shown that soy activation may increase the biological activity of the grape seed extract 3 fold. At this ratio, the 33 mg of soy phosphatide-bound grape seed proanthocyanidins in each Soygenol 100® tablet would be bio-equivalent to 100 mg of unbound grape seed extract! Besides, phosphatides like those found in soybeans are essential for the health of our cell membranes.

In another demonstration of the miracle of the soybean, Soygenol 100® utilizes the Ultra Soy Delivery System™. Specialized soy fibers called polysaccharides are strategically dispersed throughout the tablet. There they act like little wicks, drawing external moisture into the tablet core. These "wicks" expand with the moisture, allowing the tablet to swell and to quickly disintegrate for optimum nutrient availability.
Outstanding Antioxidant Power!