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Women's Harmony®

Women's hormonal changes don't begin at menopause. These changes actually begin to occur as early as age thirty, becoming more evident as you reach your forties and fifties. If you are experiencing any one of these common symptoms of hormonal change, Women's Harmony® may be just right for you.

• Hot flashes

• Mood Swings

• Irritability

• Sleeplessness

• Night Sweats

• Or Menstrual fluctuations

Created by America's leading nutritionist, Dr. Earl Mindell, this all-natural, proprietary blend of nutrients, will allow you to begin to manage the hormonal changes associated with menopause and take control of your life again, without exposing yourself to the potential dangers of synthetic estrogen.

Natural Menopause Support
Women's Harmony® naturally promotes feelings of well-being, provides heart-protective nutrients, and helps you manage hot flashes and maintain hormonal balance. For best results, combine Women's Harmony® with OsteoSoy® and Basic Mindell Plus®, in conjunction with a proper diet and exercise.
Take Control Of Your Life!