Elemental Innovation, Inc.

HALO® Wave Attenuators for Coastal Protection and Beach Restoration

Unlike conventional, static technologies that merely deflect the force of waves, our wave attenuators absorb waves. By working with nature instead of against it, the HALO® wave attenuator can survive all sea states without damage and reduce wave heights by 80%, twice as much as floating breakwaters.

HALO can also create security zones. Specially-designed HALO Security systems are re-inforced to retard and prevent motion. HALO Security acts as an excellent security barrier to prevent access to protected areas by vessels or individuals, surface or submerged.

Our wave attenuators are unique because they are:

* Portable, but anchored using industry-standard methods.
* Durable, made of environmentally friendly marine-grade materials, UV-protected and capable of with- standing extreme catastrophic weather conditions.
* Low Maintenance.
* Less Expensive, less than half the cost of ownership of conventional breakwaters.
* Easy to install and can be rapidly deployed in the event of an imenent hurricane, storm or other disaster.
* Extremely flexible and can be modified based on user's need, wave conditions, sea-bed conditions or other variables.
* Self-cleaning. The unique tapered slots of the HALO system cause a self-flushing with the passage of each wave, pushing debris out of the system and sending it on its way.

The patented HALO wave attenuator is composed of vertically oriented, linear low-density, non-toxic, polyethylene panels containing UV inhibitors. Secured to each other by a proven EPDM marine-grade rubber cable, the panels are connected to form a vertical and horizontal face in a row.

Energy absorbing Delrin rods connect rows of panels at adjustable lengths, allowing the structure to recoil under extreme wave conditions and then reset itself automatically.

The rods allow the force exerted upon the HALO to be transferred to the energy absorbing cables and dramatically reduces the stress on the structure. Since the panels of the HALO are tapered, they act as a filter slowing the progress of a wave and allowing its own energy to create a cancellation effect, dissipating the damaging energy.

HALO can be moored in any type of soil (including sand, mud/silt, and rock) or mounted on standard marine pilings. HALO's modular design allows the system installer to determine which type of anchoring system would be appropriate to your site: Manta Ray® anchors, screw anchors, dead weights or pilings. After installation we load-test all anchors to ensure strength and hold.