HALO® Eco Erosion Protection Systems protect Wetlands from Hurricanes, Tropical Storms and Coastal Flooding

To protect fragile wetlands, and help foster their growth, Elemental Innovation has developed the HALO Eco which offers advanced protection for wetland restoration. - October 15, 2005

HALO® Security Barriers protect facilities from Boat strikes & Diver incursion

Elemental Innovation, Inc. designs rapidly deployable HALO® Security Barriers to protect facilities from acts of Terrorism. - July 22, 2005

Elemental Innovation Announces New Pile Rider to Prevent Wake Induced Damage to Docks

Pile Rider is an orbital motion dock collar which provides protection for pilings and adds reinforcement to docks by absorbing destructive force damage from waves and wakes. - July 18, 2005

Elemental Innovation Announces New HALO® Shockwave to Provide Protection for Inland Waterways

HALO Shockwave is a wave attenuator for inland waterways and channels. The eco-friendly, tunable HALO Shockwave is an energy-absorbing barrier that alleviates the damaging force of the waves and wakes that cause structural wear and tear of docks and seawalls. - July 18, 2005

Elemental Innovation Completes Evaluation of HALO Wave Attenuators at the US Army Corps of Engineers ERDC Facility in Vicksburg, MS

Elemental Innovation, Inc. completed an extensive evaluation of it's HALO wave attenuator at the US Army Corps of Engineers ERDC Facility in Vicksburg, Mississippi. - July 17, 2005

Elemental Innovation Announces New Versatile Mounting System for HALO Harbor Wave Attenuators

Comprised of stainless steel for ruggedness, HARP allows HALO units to be mounted directly onto the sides of existing docks and pilings without having to use alternate means of mooring or anchoring. - July 16, 2005

Elemental Innovation Announces HALO® ECO to Provide Protection for Wetlands and Shallow Depth Areas

HALO ECO units are the smallest of the HALO line, and are portable, rapidly deployed, and easily adjusted to changing climates once in the water. HALO ECO units require non-invasive anchoring methods, and offer the same low maintenance and self-cleaning properties of other HALO models. - July 15, 2005

HALO® Dock - Floating Dock & Wave Attenuator for Marinas

HALO Dock is a floating structure with sections of HALO wave attenuator panels specifically designed to be mounted under the deck surface. This unique designs allows for an "invisible" use of our HALO technology to dissipate wave energy found in waves & boat wakes. - July 15, 2005

Elemental Innovation, Inc. Launches New HALO® Wave Attenuator to Provide Comprehensive Protection of Shorelines and Marinas

By absorbing rather than deflecting the force of waves, HALO works with nature to dissipate waves, prevent sand erosion, and promote sand accretion. HALO utilizes structural interference, buoyancy, and wave absorption to diminish wave force by up to 80%. - July 13, 2005

HALO® Port Security Barriers Provide Comprehensive Protection for LNG Facilities & LNG Projects

Elemental Innovation, Inc. designs new HALO® Port Security Barriers to provide comprehensive protection for Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) facilities. - July 12, 2005

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