Elemental Innovation, Inc.

HALO® Wave Attenuators for Harbor / Marina protection from waves & wakes

Barges, concrete sea walls, and the like are static structures that cannot adjust to changing conditions. They cost thousands each year to maintain, yet waves still damage property.

Let HALO Harbor protect your marina. For less than half the cost of conventional technologies, the proven HALO absorbs rather than deflects the force of vessel wakes to reduce waves by 80%, twice as much as other systems.

Since HALO filters water flow instead of obstructing it, it can be tuned to block out only harmful waves allowing the natural flushing of harbors.

HALO is composed of rows of non-toxic polyethylene panels. Rows are connected by energy-absorbing Delrin rods, which allow the structure to recoil under extreme wave conditions and then rest. Wave energy passes through small openings on the panels to the area between the unit and its mooring points. In this area, waves overlap to create interference, which dissipates the wave's energy.

HALO can be mounted on standard marina pilings or moored in any soil type, including sand, silt/mud, and rock.