Elemental Innovation, Inc.

HALO® Port Security Barriers for Terrorism / Homeland Security efforts

HALO Port Security Barriers are an excellent sentinel for ports,military bases, LNG facilities, oil rigs, dams, nuclear power plants, bridges - wherever perimeter control is essential, or acts of terrorism are a threat.

HALO is composed of rows of non-toxic polyethylene panels. Rows are connected by energy-absorbing Delrin rods, which allow the structure to recoil under extreme wave conditions, or collisions, and then reset. Wave energy passes through narrow, slotted openings in the panels to the area between the unit and its mooring points. These slots form a robust defensive wall to prevent intruder ingress.

HALO Port Security Barriers can be outfitted with a Security Gate to provide barrier protection while allowing controlled entry and exit for authorized vessels. Using controls to modulate the natural buoyancy of selected panels, the gate can be made to submerge and rise as needed.

The gate can be operated remotely, allowing personnel and boats to avoid long waits and eliminating the need to allocate vessels to "gate duty". As with any HALO configuration, the Security Gate can be enhanced with security features to deter boat strikes.