Elemental Innovation, Inc.

HALO® Shockwave - protection for Inland Waterways and Channels

HALO Shockwave protects inland waterways and channels from the damaging force of waves and wakes. This energy-absorbing wave attenuator acts as a barrier and prevents the structural wear and tear on docks and seawalls, while greatly reducing erosion of channel banks.

Eco-friendly protection for close quarters

The eco-friendly, tunable HALO Shockwave has articulating arms that can be secured in either a horizontal or vertical orientation directly upon a solid surface, seawall, bulkhead or on pilings.

The structure allows wave energy to pass through small openings on its face to the area between the unit and its mooring points. In this area, waves overlap to create interference, which dissipates the waves destructive energy. Securing the unit in place, articulating arms contain dampening pads for the absorption of severe energy loads.

A HALO Shockwave unit installed on either side of an inlet or marina will reduce the current wave reflection caused by exposed smooth surfaces. HALO Shockwave is fully adjustable and installation is simple, rapid, and requires no special tools.

The combination of its unique design, along with energy-absorbing materials, allows the HALO Shockwave to provide calm waters for inlets, marinas, intra-coastal waterways and rivers.