Business Alerts & Workflow Solutions:

KnowledgeSync monitors and responds to critical, time-sensitive business activity that can cost your organization lost revenue and lost productivity. As “one source for all alerts,” KnowledgeSync monitors application data, incoming E-Mail messages, information on web forms, reports due for distribution and operating system data.

Identify & Respond to: time-sensitive data, activities overdue for completion, prospects who haven't been contacted in "x" days, stock surpluses, pending sales for clients on credit hold, manufacture delays, and much more.

Sage CRM SalesLogix KnowledgeSync
BusinessAlerts: Deliver Data — Now

Sage CRM SalesLogix BusinessAlerts allows you to actively notify employees, management, business partners or customers of critical, time-sensitive business information via e-mail, fax, pager, PDA, cell phone and/or Web browser — automatically.

So how does it work? Behind the scenes, Sage CRM SalesLogix KnowledgeSync proactively monitors your Sage CRM SalesLogix database, incoming e-mail, and even other business applications if you require.