76 Plus K Liquid Minerals

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As disease is on the rise, minerals are on the wane. Nourish your body quickly and easily with 76 Plus K. Two tablespoons provide 60mg. of vitamin C, 13 botanical elements, 74 trace minerals and 585 mg. of potassium. Minerals act as catalysts to help vitamins and enzymes carry out their functions. Your body needs a wide spectrum of minerals, although some in trace amounts, to work properly. Proper levels of potassium need to be maintained to keep your heart healthy and minerals are needed to support the endocrine and cardiovascular systems. When there's not enough time in the day to supply your body with the elements it needs to run smoothly, look to 76 Plus K. 76 Plus K offers your body the nutritional storehouse it requires.*

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Serving Size 1 ounce
Servings per Container 32
Recommended Use Mix 2 tablespoons (1 oz) of 76 Plus K Liquid Minerals with 3 oz of water or any beverage of your choice. Shake well before using.
QV 16
RV 17