High Speed Wireless Internet

LV.Net provides "true" high-speed mobile wifi / wireless infrastructure to Public Safety, commercial and casual users through a "best in class" network.
LV.Net provides now Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint Wireless Internet across Southern Nevada, La Vegas and beyond.

A Point-to-Point private business network is a telecommunications link that connects two computers or networks in different geographical locations with a dedicated circuit, either fiber-optic cable, metro-Ethernet, or wireless. P2P Private Networks provide a high bandwidth, reliable, 100% secure data link between locations that may exist in a metropolitan area or even across multiple states.

A Point-to-Multipoint network is a network that can connect one radio on one of our POP locations to multiple radios/transmitters at customer locations. LV.Net can install a high speed point-to-multipoint network for a very reasonable cost compared to point to point connections where we must dedicated a node per customer. A point to multipoint network can provide high bandwidth and is dependable regardless of the weather or other environmental concerns.