Surveilance Investigation

Surveillance we perform:

Suspected Cheating Loved One
Workers Compensation
Activity check
Vehicle/foot Surveillance
and many more!

Places we have obtained evidence:

Shopping malls
Department stores
Country Clubs
Swap meets
Night Clubs
From up to 2 miles away!
We go the extra mile!

We understand the need for different types/ages/races of private investigators and different types of vehicles. With are bank of investigators and vehicles we can get the job done.
All of are investigators are licensed and have over 5 years experience. A lot of investigations companies hire young, under experienced investigators to bring in high profits. At Hodson and Associates we believe that this is a poor service to our clients.
At Hodson and Associates we obtain a high volume of video evidence everyday. We utilized state of the art camera equipment along with discreet hidden cameras. We can obtain film anywhere at anytime.