Worker's Compensation Investigations

Worker's Compensation Investigations
Hodson and Associates is a leader in Worker's Compensation Investigations. Our licensed, experienced and professional private investigators can conduct investigations anytime on next to no notice. Contact our firm today to help with your Workers Compensation Investigation.

Subrosa Surveillance
We pride ourselves on our extensive Workers Compensation experience. Hodson and Associates began only performing Subrosa. We have now grown and can service other investigative needs. Workers Compensation fraud is still Hodson and Associates largest department of expertise. We have worked thousands of cases in the past and we are ready to help you with your case.

We understand the need for different types of investigators and different types of vehicles. With are bank of investigators and vehicles we can get the job done.
All of are investigators are licensed and have over 5-20 years experience. Most investigations companies hire young, under experienced investigators to bring in high profits. At Hodson and Associates we believe that this is a poor service to our clients and unethical. All of our investigators have testified in Appeals Board and criminal trials.

At Hodson and Associates we obtain a high volume of video evidence everyday. We utilized state of the art camera equipment along with discreet hidden cameras. We can obtain film anywhere at anytime.
We send all video evidence via VHS tape, CD or DVD. We have a video quality control program that makes sure original evidence is stored properly and copies are sent to the respective parties. All video evidence is held and stored for 3 years.

Surveillance we perform:

Workers Compensation
Activity check
Vehicle/foot Surveillance
and many more!

Places we have obtained film:

Shopping malls
Department stores
Country Clubs
Swap meets
Night Clubs
From up to 2 miles away
We go the extra mile!

With are trained investigators we guarantee a solid, thorough, information packed AOE/COE investigation. We take recorded statements. If you should need any additional information about our AOE/COE investigations please e-mail