Real Estate Investing in Any Market

Many People are Avoiding Real Estate Investments When a Down Market Means Being More Select.

Mooresville, NC, August 14, 2008 --( This week on Get Real, The Real Estate Investing Show for the Rest of Us. Judson Voss and Allison McArthur interviewed Larry Loftis, esq about the current real estate market. Larry is an experienced investor who specializes in identifying real estate investment opportunities around the country.

Mr. Loftis began the conversation by instructing new and experienced investors on some of the analytical steps they should take to identify a buyer's or seller's market in their only local area. This included understanding the relationship between the Cap Rate for commercial property and the Gross Rent Multiplier for residential property.

Larry continued to share with the hosts and their audience what type of real estate investments he would recommend that are somewhat bubble proof. Many of these included multi-family properties and commercial properties. Mr. Loftis is a fan of starting off small and working into bigger projects regardless of a real estate investor's available capital. He also elaborated on the concept of insulating your portfolio from vacancies by investing in smaller multi-family properties.

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