Assay Designs Launches First Commercially Available EIA Kit for the Measurement of Circulating Hsp70

For over 15 years, Assay Designs has provided high quality antibodies, proteins, and kits for the precise quantification of key small and large molecule biomarkers in a variety of sample matrices and species. Since their merger with StressgenĀ® Bioreagents in 2005, the Assay Designs portfolio of products has included the full line of Stressgen brand kits and reagents, enabling researchers to investigate biological pathways involved in the cellular response to stress.

Ann Arbor, MI, August 15, 2008 --( In February 2008, Assay Designs™ launched the Hsp70 High Sensitivity EIA Kit (Cat. #EKS-715). This kit is for the accurate and specific quantification of as little as 90 pg/mL of inducible Hsp70 in serum and plasma samples from human, mouse, and rat origin. This assay does not significantly cross react with other Hsp70 family members such as Hsc70 (Hsp73), Grp78, DnaK (E. coli), or Hsp71 (M. tuberculosis) allowing for accurate and specific quantitation of Hsp70 in samples.

Assay Designs Hsp70 High Sensitivity EIA Kit is the only product commercially available that is validated for the measurement of circulating Hsp70. This product has been specifically optimized for use with serum and plasma, but has not been extensively validated for use with other sample matrices. The Hsp70 High Sensitivity EIA Kit features liquid color-coded reagents and a pre-coated 96 well plate that save lab time and reduce error. There is no need for cumbersome Western blot analysis of serum and plasma samples. A simple dilution of samples in the supplied kit assay buffer allows for the higher throughput analysis of up to 39 samples in duplicate per 96 wells in just 4.5 hours. As scientists, Assay Designs understands the critical nature of research and takes every step to ensure that their products meet the highest quality standards for sensitivity, specificity, and reproducibility to reduce repeat experiments.

Hsp70 is a molecular chaperone whose expression is induced upon exposure of the cell or organism to conditions of stress. It prevents protein aggregation and promotes the refolding of proteins that become damaged in response to environmental insults, pathogens, and disease. Its activity is essential for cellular survival and recovery under stress conditions, as well as for the maintenance of normal cellular function under non-stress conditions. Hsp70 has been implicated to play a role in a variety of disease and physiological processes such as hyperthermia, hypertension, toxic exposure to chemical agents, hypoxia, ischemia, inflammation, autoimmunity, apoptosis, cancer, organ transplantation, and bacterial and viral infections. Hsp70 is a key regulator of many normal physiological processes including aging, spermatogenesis, menstruation, and physical activity such as exercise. The Assay Designs High Sensitivity Hsp70 EIA kit is designed to evaluate and monitor Hsp70 in these processes, and provides a key research tool for the investigation of Hsp70’s role in physiology and disease.

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Emily Riesterer