Okeanos Aquascaping Turns a Hobbyist’s Dream Into Reality with the Largest Glass Reef Aquarium in a New York Home

New York, NY, August 16, 2008 --(PR.com)-- One-Of-A-Kind, 800 Gallon, Custom-Built, Glass Reef Aquarium Becomes Reality.

Okeanos Aquascaping (www.okeanosgroup.com), an international custom aquarium and pond company specializing in the integration of cutting edge designs, hand-picked exotic fish, coral and other livestock, brilliant colors, and mesmerizing effects, is pleased to announce that it has built the largest glass reef aquarium in a newly constructed private home in Brooklyn, New York for a 20-year aquarium hobbyist. The oversized, optically clear, ¾ inch glass reef aquarium, which was built on-site, is 800 gallons (120”L x 42”W x 36”H; weight: 8,500 lbs., cost: $150,000+), and is situated on the main floor in the family room. In addition to a live reef, exotic fish and coral, the aquarium contains some of the most beautiful live rock in the world from the island of Kupang. In order to complete this project, Okeanos Aquascaping worked closely with the owner’s architects to fortify the structure of the room to support the weight of the aquarium.

“Upon seeing a 550 gallon Okeanos aquarium in a fellow hobbyist’s home in South Jersey, I knew I had to have my dream aquarium built into my new home,” said the homeowner. “Over the past 20 years, I’ve owned many aquariums and exotic aquatic life, and I was amazed when I saw this gentleman’s tank, how beautiful it was and how he was successfully housing hard-to-keep coral and fish. To have my aquarium built, my architect had to add steel support throughout the floor where my aquarium is. The architect also added extra power for the custom-built filtration system (which is housed underneath the aquarium at approximately 300 sq. ft.), and for the 4,000 watts of specialty aquarium lighting. In addition, fans were added to the top of the aquarium, which exhaust through the side of the house, for proper ventilation, and a dedicated drain was installed for water changes. It’s all worth it…just to have my dream fulfilled and to enjoy my very own slice of the ocean every day.”

“We’re so excited to have completed this project as it’s the largest glass reef aquarium in a private residence in New York City,“ says Noam Kamelhar, Principal, Okeanos Aquascaping. “We built everything on-site since it was too large to carry into the house. We’ve built a client’s dream – and given him everything he ever wanted in an aquarium. Everything we did was carefully planned, and executed to perfection.”

In addition to this project, Okeanos, which recently celebrated its sixth anniversary by opening a New York City office, announced its offering of five-star experiential vacations where clients can travel with Okeanos’ staff around the world to see exotic fish, coral and other livestock in its natural habitats as well as the availability of public and private educational seminars about exotic livestock and pond and aquarium environments.

For the schedule of events of trips, to book staff for seminars, for more information and to view photos of Okeanos’ magnificent work, please contact the office at 212-244-9555 or visit www.okeanosgroup.com.

About Okeanos Aquascaping
Okeanos Aquascaping, founded in New York City in 2002, is a custom aquarium and pond company specializing in the integration of cutting edge designs, brilliant colors, and mesmerizing effects. With more than 10 years experience in aquarium and pond filtration, Okeanos Aquascaping has extensive knowledge of exotic aquariums and ponds, which they design, install and maintain with hand-picked fish, coral and other livestock that are healthy and compatible. Using their proprietary filtration system, custom-built glass and acrylic tanks enclosed using wood, brick, granite or stone, and carefully selected and compatible exotic aquarium life, Okeanos creates magnificent statements of taste and status in luxury homes, commercial entrances and offices, and travel destinations across the U.S. Their premiere customer service department is available 24/7 to the tri-state area and provides weekly to monthly aquarium and pond service. For more information or to view our online showroom, please visit www.okeanosgroup.com or call 212-244-9555.

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