4little1s.com is a Credit Crunch Success Story

The owner of the business 4little1s.com explains how when forced to make money she set up her own business.

London, United Kingdom, March 21, 2009 --(PR.com)-- A ex city banker and now a busy mum of 2 living in Surrey, UK, explains how she has started up a small online web business called 4little1s.com, during these times of the credit crunch with the initial intention being to pay for school fees:-

Christianne James the founder of 4little1s.com decided to start up a home based online web business in order to provide an income to cover school fees. Being a mum at home and looking after 2 small children meant that during the day she had a few hours that can be used to work.

Initially she said that the plan was to make gift sets for newly arrived little ones but soon grew into baby gifts, nursery furniture, baby clothes, shoes, cards and also matching gifts for siblings.

Setting up in the times of the crunch had been difficult for her and advises it has been noticeable the decrease in disposable income. Fortunately the products offered by her company offer excellent value for money and sales have been brisk.

Some of her best selling products have come in two forms, the Izziwotnot nursery furniture range and also the exclusively hand made and hand painted wall plaques for children’s walls and doors.

They have been keen to do their bit so to speak for the environment and fair-trade / organic produce. Particularly in reducing the volume of unnecessary packaging.

The company is approaching 6 and beginning to build up a strong and loyal customer base for the future.

Credit crunch top tips:

Select easy to use Ecommerce shopping cart software
Just do it. Taking the first step is the hardest part
Enthusiasm for your business is catching
Set objectives for your business

"Running a business is hard work and takes over your life, its like having another child" Says Christianne James.

Christianne James
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