Candace Muzny Attends the AGA Glass Expo to Say Tekon Products Clean and Protect Her Home and Race Car

Candace Muzny is the first woman to qualify for NASCAR's "Chase for a Championship." She and her sponsor, Tekon Universal Sciences, will go all the way to the winner's circle together.

Costa Mesa, CA, May 03, 2006 --( On May 12 and 13 Tekon Universal Sciences Inc. (Tekon US Inc.) will be joined by Candace Muzny, the first woman to qualify for NASCAR’s Chase for the Championship, at the 26th Annual American Glass Association Expo in Annaheim, California. In 2005 Tekon partners, James and Bret Aiken, met Muzny and saw a golden opportunity, “Candace has honesty, fortitude and energy,” said James, “and we recognized she, like Tekon, is reaching for a dream and we support her success.” Tekon executives applied their green, cleaning and maintenance products on the body, windows and interior of Muzny’s racecar. Tekon’s revolutionary coating and maintenance process preserves the car under a variety of conditions inside and out.

Tekon products can be purchased in home kits and are easy to apply and chemical free. Tekon’s beyond nanotechnology process coats surfaces, making them super hydrophobic and stain resistant. The interior of Muzny’s car is treated with Nanofab, which decomposes inorganic materials and eliminates odors. The windows of the racecar are coated in hydrophobic Nanoseal, which protects the glass from corrosion, increases surface tension, and helps avoid cracks or chips. The car body is treated with Crystal Luster and a Nanoseal Flash Coat to make the vehicle smooth, easy to clean and able to retain its brilliant color. A Billet Polish is used to clean and protect chrome surfaces and aluminum wheels.

Candace Muzny keeps her late model racecar in shape with Tekon products and she uses Tekon to keep her home protected from chemicals, bacteria and viruses. Tekon products come in a variety of home kits: the Bath Kit, Countertop Kit, Stone Care Kit and Stainless Steel Kit. Muzny uses Tekon products on her sliding glass doors, shower doors, kitchen counters, sinks and floors.

Muzny will appear with both her Tekon car and Jesse’s Girl car at the AGA Expo. Tekon US Inc. is a member of the US Green Building Council, National Kitchen and Bath, and the Marble Institute of America. Call 888-749-1705 or visit for more information on chemical free cleaning and preservation solutions for the home.

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