Handbag Designer Gets Presidential About Purses

Charleston, SC, August 20, 2008 --(PR.com)-- No matter who wins the next presidential election, one thing’s for sure: Americans will have a fashionable first lady. To complement the much talked-about signature styles of both Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain, South Carolina handbag designer Lissa Kemp Myers has designed the “Michelle” and “Cindy” handbags that capture the personality and style of these powerful women.

“Women went so crazy for the black and white dress Michelle Obama wore on The View that the makers of the dress could hardly keep it on the shelves,” notes Myers, the owner of In the Bag, a Mt. Pleasant, S.C.-based company that gives women the opportunity to customize designer-quality handbags. “And remember Cindy McCain’s red leather jacket that caused such a stir? Clearly, these women — in spite of their differences — are both very stylish individuals. I wanted to capture their different styles in two distinct handbags for those who want to follow in their fashionable footsteps.”

According to Myers, the “Cindy,” available for $175, showcases the feminine yet fashion-forward sensibility of McCain. A medium-sized bag cast in nude pearlized leather, the Cindy also features an understated ivory liner to offset the trendy exterior. “Her style strikes me as classic and ladylike, but she’s also shown an edgy, youthful side and a willingness to stand out,” says Myers.

The “Michelle,” on the other hand, which is available for $350, is a larger purse suited to the needs of a mother on the go. “With two young girls, Mrs. Obama could probably use some extra room in her bag,” explains Myers, who adds that the Michelle also makes a chic travel bag for all her “Team Obama” campaign stops. While the handbag’s exterior is crafted with dark brown leather to suit Obama’s preference for more conservative colors, the purse’s interior is designed to showcase the Democrat’s passionate side. “I gave her purse a hot red liner, so she can channel her inner patriot,” says Myers.

Both bags, which are custom made, are available for purchase on In the Bag’s web site at www.inthebagshop.com. Customers are welcome to make modifications, big or small, to either bag to suit their tastes — or start from scratch on their own unique creation. “Clients get complete creative freedom with our handbags,” says Myers. “Whether they want to show off their political leanings or just make a stylish statement all their own, the look of their bag totally in their hands.”

About In the Bag
In the Bag is a Mt Pleasant, S.C.-based company started by Lissa Kemp Myers after she became frustrated at her inability to find a handbag that fit her tastes. She started In the Bag in 2007 to allow customers to design a completely unique, designer-quality, custom handbag from a selection of 200 of the trendiest fabrics, styles and hardware. Orders are sent to New York City where within five weeks they are completed by a manufacturer who works with the same designers as Donna Karan and Marc Jacobs. Prices range from $50-$350. For more information about In the Bag or to design and order a custom bag online, visit www.inthebagshop.com or call 1-800-567-6286.

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