Chocolate Prescription Receives A+ Rating for 72% Dark Chocolate Product

Chocolate Prescription, a manufacturer and wholesaler of gourmet chocolate products made with 72% dark chocolate (cocoa) that is packaged in daily one ounce doses, received an A+ rating from Gourmet Food PR. Ryan Montague of Gourmet Food PR awarded high marks for the chocolate's balanced smoothness, quality, and overall packaging and presentation. goal of providing a daily dose of chocolate so consumers can eat dark chocolate in moderation every day without guilt

Dallas, TX, August 21, 2008 --( Chocolate Prescription received an A+ rating from Gourmet Food PR ( for its 1 Week and 4 Week Prescriptions of 72% dark chocolate (cocoa) bars. Chocolate Prescription launched its product this past year with the simple goal of providing a guilt free and delicious way to follow the doctor’s orders to eat a moderate amount of dark chocolate every day for your health. Gourmet Food PR awarded high ratings for the product’s gift-quality packaging and the overall smoothness and quality of the chocolate.

“Chocolate Prescription gets an A+ for stunning packaging and presentation, a deliciously balanced chocolate product, and a truly unique concept with enormous growth potential. Great product for anyone looking to manage their sweets intake, and one of the best gift items we’ve seen in years!” stated Ryan Montague, Gourmet Food PR’s president.

Ryan added, “The first thing that came to mind when reading ‘dark chocolate’ . . . was that the chocolate must be very bland and/or bitter. Within seconds of eating the first bite, those concerns were instantly erased from our minds. Chocolate Prescription obviously uses high quality gourmet chocolate and ingredients to create this silky smooth dark chocolate. Surprisingly, there wasn’t much bitterness at all - as was expected. At the same time, it wasn’t too sweet and loaded with sugar, creating a perfect happy-medium.”

Numerous medical journals have published several reports that attribute health benefits to dark chocolate. The Journal of the American Medical Association reported that dark chocolate, when taken in the appropriate quantities, has lowered blood pressure. Mauro Serafini, PhD, of Italy's National Institute for Food and Nutrition Research in Rome, has also released a report that sites the powerful antioxidant qualities of dark chocolate.

“The health benefits of dark chocolate are definitely an exciting development for chocolate lovers - what a great reason to eat a favorite food every day” commented Terry Traveland, Founder of Chocolate Prescription. “Our product is not a medical solution nor do we make medical claims; we simply provide great tasting 1 oz bars of 72% cacao dark chocolate conveniently packaged for a 1 week or 4 week supply so you can indulge in moderation and possibly improve your health.”

Chocolate Prescription offers its product in both a 1 Week and 4 Week Prescription of 1 oz. bars so you can get your daily dose of chocolate. You can satisfy your chocolate cravings while still managing a moderate caloric intake since each bar has just 155 calories. The product packaging is designed to be gift-quality, allowing those who discover it to consciously give a healthy version of a gift that is always well received throughout the year.

Chocolate Prescription LLC , a woman-owned business based in Plano, Texas, was founded by Terry Traveland with the goal of providing a daily dose of chocolate so consumers can eat dark chocolate in moderation every day without guilt. For more information, contact Terry Traveland at

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