WWWEnterprise, Inc. Becomes Fulfillment Company for PRSkinCare.com

Bloomfield, NY, August 22, 2008 --(PR.com)-- WWWEnterprise, Inc. (www.WWWEnterprise.com) today announces the addition of http://www.PRSkinCare.com, owned by Dr. Sam Speron, to their network of Physician websites. The addition combines one of the largest online skincare stores with WWWEnterprise’s expertise in fulfillment and distribution.

“This agreement will be beneficial for both parties involved. Dr. Speron will continue to own the website and sell skin care products to his Patients, and WWWEnterprise will take over the warehousing and distribution of the online skin care products,” said Terry Clark, CEO of WWWEnterprise, Inc. “This addition will continue to strengthen WWWEnterprise as the leading provider of online skincare products for Physicians.”

In addition to taking over the warehousing and fulfillment of Dr. Speron’s products, WWWEnterprise will also handle the customer service for Patients who make purchases from PRSkinCare.com. Patients will still receive the same quality customer service they have become accustomed to.

Dr. Speron’s partnership with WWWEnterprise, Inc. allows him to focus on his patients and not have to worry about his website. With WWWEnterprise, Inc. now maintaining the website this allows them to continuously offer cutting-edge products to Dr. Speron’s patients as they are developed.

Incorporated in February 2000, WWWEnterprise, Inc’s primary source of revenue is online sales of anti-aging skincare products and Web development. They have been helping Physicians establish their Internet presence since 1997, and currently maintain and provide services for some of the most visited skin care websites on the Internet. WWWEnterprise purchases and maintains the inventory of all skin care products available on Physicians websites. Currently they work with over 250 manufacturers, and over 3,000 products.

If you would like more information on the services WWWEnterprise provides, please visit http://www.WWWEnterprise.com or call 1-800-393-3848.

Andrew Serrano