LoyaltyMatch.com Introduces New Feature Improving Ability to Acquire Cash and Merchandise

Personal email alerts notify online shopping center members of exchange opportunities.

Waterloo, Canada, August 22, 2008 --(PR.com)-- LoyaltyMatch.com™, the fees-free* online global shopping center for frequent flier and other loyalty program miles and points collectors, has introduced email exchange alerts. Members will now receive notification whenever there is a new opportunity to convert their miles and points to cash, or to buy or trade for one of thousands of items of available merchandise.

“This is one more way that we are helping frequent fliers and all of our members realize the greatest value from the loyalty program miles and points that they collect,” said Brad Ball, president and ceo of LoyaltyMatch Inc. “Combined with no fees for any transaction during August, we are offering members a chance to really cash in.”

With the $1.99 CDN per transaction fee waived since August 1, LoyaltyMatch.com has seen a boost in membership numbers and activity levels from around the world during the month. Eliminating the fee has also helped fundraising groups because LoyaltyMatch Community Commerce™ assists non-profit organizations large and small, national and local, by enabling groups of donors to convert their points and miles into cash and donate it directly to them.

About LoyaltyMatch.com
LoyaltyMatch.com is the first person-to-person global marketplace that facilitates the conversion of frequent flier miles and other loyalty program member points into cash or merchandise. Shoppers do not need to belong to any loyalty program to trade or buy reward goods, services and entertainment and leisure activities. LoyaltyMatch.com members from 50 countries are collaborating and have created a community around the trading, buying or selling of merchandise by leveraging their loyalty program points or miles. LoyaltyMatch.com is owned and operated by LoyaltyMatch Inc., which is based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.


* LoyaltyMatch.com has waived its fees from August 1, 2008 through August 31, 2008.
Bill Warelis