- the New Statistical Resource

Release of a new statistical resource containing the data on geography, a demography, economic development, the financial markets and world international mutual relations for 33 countries located on 6 continents.

Smolensk, Russia, August 22, 2008 --( is a new statistical resource devoted to collecting, processing, the analysis and research of world statistical data. Now the project is directed on statistical researches of development 33 countries located on 6 continents, including the largest - USA, European Union, China, Russia, India, Canada, Australia, etc. Project contains a world statistical database, periodic statistical publications, an analytical material and the statistical software.

The extensive database of the project, contains the actual information on a geographical position, a demography, economic development, the financial markets and world international mutual relations, and also historical data for last 10 years. Updating of statistical data is made every month, last updating is made on August, 19th, 2008.

The most relevant statistics describing current position and development of the countries is accessible on a network resource All the data are presented in dynamics for last month and year, rate of change since 2000 is also accessible. The project means an opportunity of noncommercial use of data located on a network resource, accessible is free in cognitive, educational, scientific and other similar purposes. The project can be used for accommodation of the survey and analytical information in free access, information interchange, joint researches and other.

The important part of the project are periodic statistical publications, which include monthly overview, quarter bulletin and year statistics book. Besides in the further thematic publications will be published. Statistical publications include the most relevant information accessible in a database. The amount and detail of publications is significantly higher than freely accessible statistical information provided on a network resource. In addition, each publication contains historical data over the last 1-2 year and graphical representation of the most important patterns.

The statistical database of the project includes:
· The world geography - Location, area cover and a climate of regions and countries
· Demography data - Statistics of the population, languages, age and sexual structure
· Economic statistical information - Industrial and trading indexes, dynamics of a gross domestic product (GDP) in current and constant prices, etc.
· Prices indexes - detailed dynamics of the consumer, producer and share prices. PPI, CPI - food, energy, housing and other price indexes.
· Financial statistics - World statistical data in the financial markets. Dynamics of the monetary aggregates, reserves assets, balance of payments and other.
· Currencies dynamics - dynamics of currency exchange rates and interest rates, including averaged London interbank offered rate (LIBOR).
· International statistics - World trading processes expressed in dynamics of export and import of the goods and services, net trades and the balance of payments.

WorldStat Research software contains a full statistical database of the project, allows to make multifactorial comparison and research of world dynamics of development. Now the software is testing and will be soon accessible to use.

Serhy Moskalev