Second Life - Monogram Virtua Sponsors the Operation Kid Equip Fundraiser in the Virtual World

Monogram Virtua Sponsors Fundraiser in the Virtual World.

Santa Monica, CA, August 22, 2008 --( Inside Second Life, Monogram Virtua Charities, a division of Monogram Virtua is proud to sponsor the Operation Kid Equip (OKE) Fundraiser. The Fundraiser will include 720 minutes of live continuous music from various Second Life and Real World artists via dual stream. Hundreds of supporters from both the cyber and real worlds are set to arrive in Second Life August 23rd to listen to various artists perform live at the Monogram Virtua Convention Center ( located on Monogram Tria. The live performance begins at 9AM Pacific Time at the convention center’s back courtyard where Monogram Virtua’s co-founders Harold Whaley (SL name Hdub Shepherd), Randall Rubin (SL name Dubble Rokocoko), and Marketing Director Andrea McCloud (SL name Anakalia Catteneo) will be in attendance. A limited number of press passes will be available

Artwork, clothing, magazine publications and various other items created by Second Life residents will be displayed in the convention center's showroom & courtyard. Proceeds from sales will be donated to OKE on behalf of the vendors.

This is Monogram Virtua’s tenth virtual event in a series of cyber world shows designed to bring the members of various Second Life communities together. Rubin, an avid filmmaker and Whaley, a music enthusiast, came up with idea to help support charity organizations through Virtual Worlds fundraisers and created Monogram Virtua Charities. While in the cyberworld, Monogram Virtua Charities organized into their group of Second Life contacts in the cyber world a long list of supporters. The OKE Fundraiser is designed to bring supporters inside and outside Second Life together.

Monogram Virtua’s Marketing Director, Andrea McCloud (SL name Anakalia Catteneo) informed hundreds of Second Life magazine publications, clothing designers, artists and various other vendors, and received responses from hundreds of curious and excited education supporters who are expected to arrive in cyberspace to interact and show their support without ever having to leave the comfort of their laptops and PC’s.

Key contributors to the OKE Fundraiser are: Vladimir Rakosi, owner of Xntra City Balloons (; Solange Benoir, owner of Pulse Point Marketing (, Carter Giacobini, owner of Venture Magazine (; and Bosco Constantine, live performing artist.

About Operation Kid Equip
Operation Kids Equip’s ( mission is to provide economically disadvantaged children with the basic educational supplies needed to be successful in school and to accomplish this, encourage schools, businesses, religious organizations, and individuals to get involved in the community…Operation: Kid Equip is a program of Congressional District Programs, Inc. Funds raised in the name of Operation: Kid Equip are allocated by Congressional District Programs (CDP) to Operation: Kid Equip. These allocated funds will be used by Operation: Kid Equip to carry out tax-exempt purposes of CDP which are expressed through Operation: Kid Equip, an internal division of CDP. The Board of Directors of CDP is vested with complete power and authority in terms of allocating funds to Operation: Kid Equip, and authorizing expenditures of Operation: Kid Equip. All donations belong exclusively to CDP. Congressional District Programs is a 501(c)3 Public Charity.

About Monogram Virtua
Monogram Virtua Entertainment is a full service 3D virtual world consulting, building and design firm founded by filmmaker Randall K. Rubin and cutting edge digital entertainment technology expert Harold Whaley. Founded in the ever popular Second Life platform, which open its doors to the public in 2003 and has grown explosively and today is inhabited by millions worldwide, Monogram Virtua’s business centers around providing artists, entertainers, and entertainment business partners with a portal into the discover a vast digital community, teaming with people, entertainment, experiences and commercial opportunities. Imagine creating any business you want in the virtual world and having customers from all over the globe, who visit, become exposed to your products, and purchase both real life and Second Life merchandise with real exchangeable currency in an environment free from the restrictions of physical commerce. Second Life currently supports millions of US dollars in daily convertible currency transactions and countless more in traditional commerce generated by virtual world advertising of real life products, and Monogram Virtua is a premium conduit to bridge the gap between real world entertainment and 3D cyber commerce.

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