Marlene Powell is the Newest ActionCOACH from South Africa

Powell is the first female ActionCOACH from South Africa and finds business coaching to be a natural progression in her life.

Las Vegas, NV, August 22, 2008 --( Master Licensee Harry Welby-Cooke has named Marlene Powell as the newest ActionCOACH in South Africa.

She will be working from her home-based office overlooking the sea in the tranquil surroundings of Durban. She will concentrate on the KwaZulu Natal Region but will serve businesses in the surrounding areas of the city.

Prior to becoming an ActionCOACH, Powell worked in the Short Term Insurance Industry for 24 years. She has 20 years of corporate experience.

During most of her past career, Powell had been involved in systemizing a variety of internal business processes. She was also instrumental in developing a Graduate Program.

“I introduced an alternative means of communication through a technique called ‘dialogue,’ which I was introduced to on the Leadership Advancement Program (LAP) through the Graduate School of Business at the University of Cape Town,” she said.

Powell is the first woman ActionCOACH franchisee in South Africa.

“For a winning business strategy, I firmly believe that as a woman I am able to offer business support from a unique angle – an approach where intuition and nurturing play a key role along with a combination of effective communication and implementation - where these skills have been developed over years of experience,” she said.

Powell joined ActionCOACH because it provided her with the opportunity to fulfill her dream of business ownership through coaching – something she is passionate about.

“This opportunity also brought the convenience of doing business from the comfort of my home, where I can reach my true potential and at the same time help balance the aspects of my family and business life,” she said.

Powell’s Master Licensee, Harry Welby-Cooke was also instrumental in making this decision a relatively easy one for Powell.

“The professional and consistent approach of Harry helped guide me through the process; he was able to assist me through those times of fear in this life-changing decision for my family and I,” she said.

Powell was also impressed by ActionCOACH’s professionalism and consistency.

“ActionCOACH will now help me practice what I have been practicing (and preaching) for many years; only this time I will have the advantage of using their proven systems, which have been developed and tested by the company; these will help me move to the next level of performance,” she said.

Powell is excited about her new role.

“Being responsible for my own destiny as well as the overwhelming feeling of accountability are truly empowering,” she said.

An alumnus of the University of Cape Town, Powell is also a member of the Durban Chamber of Commerce and the Business Woman’s Association of South Africa (BWASA).

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